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Destiny 2: Beyond Light introduced a new destination, Europa, which holds many secrets for Guardians to discover. One of these secrets is the discovery of some peculiarly-placed penguins. The Reuniting the Eventide Rookery Triumph requires Guardians to locate and collect nine of these penguins, hidden throughout Europa.

These peculiar penguins are more than just a decorative addition to Variks’s hideout, they also provide Guardians with pages from the, “Your Friend, Micah Abram” lore book, as well as the completion of the Reuniting the Eventide Rookery Triumph. This guide will detail the locations and how to find these nine hidden penguins, in Destiny 2: Beyond Light.

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From the Charon’s Crossing landing Zone on Europa, Guardians will want to head left towards Cadmus Ridge. When arriving at Cadmus Ridge, Guardians should climb up the first cliff to the right, and there will be a small cave to the right. Guardians will need to clear this cave of any enemies, disabling the Vex barrier blocking the first penguin.

From the Cadmus Ridge penguin location, Guardians will want to exit the cave and follow the path in front of them. Follow this path towards the Braytech Exoscience location. When arriving at the Braytech Exoscience location, Guardians will want to cross the room, taking the doorway on the left. Follow this path through three doorways, coming to a room with some Fallen. Follow this room left, and down the stairs, taking the exit to the right. Two rooms later, players will come across a closed door that will open upon approach, follow the next hall to the end, finding some more Fallen and what looks like an operating table, the second penguin, is on the right of the table. Clear the room of enemies and collect the penguin.

From the second penguin, head down the stairs, through the door. Follow the path to the right, coming to another door that will open upon approach. Continue following this path to a hole in the floor, fall through the floor. Continue following this path through until Guardians reach a room with a mohawk-like platform in the center. Guardians need to find a Fallen named Drake, Charge Courier. There will be a doorway on the left leading up some stairs where Guardians will find Drake. Eliminate Drake and take his System Charge. Guardians will need to carry this charge to the end of the location known as Eternity.

Pick up the charge, head up the stairs and take a left, heading out of the mohawk room. Continue following the path forward, pass through another door, and jump the gap. Follow the minor jumping puzzle, stopping at the last platform, on the left. Deposit the charge in the Depleted, Charge System. The third penguin will spawn to the left of the Charge System.

Guardians will want to fast travel back to Charon’s Crossing landing zone, taking the right-hand path towards Asterion Abyss. Upon arriving at Asterion Abyss, Guardians will want to follow the path up, heading left, passing under a Vex structure. Head towards the two Vex pillars straight ahead. On the right of the second pillar, Guardians will find a path up, follow this short path, eliminating the Vex Goblins. On the edge of the cliff, Guardians will find the fourth penguin.

From the fourth penguin, Guardians will want to head east, back under the Vex structure, towards the Nexus. When Guardians reach a fork in their path, they should see a vex structure in front of them. Guardians will need to destroy four oracles in this area, to spawn the fifth penguin. Looking up and to the left, guardians will find a diamond shaped oracle, destroying it will cause the second to appear. Take the right-hand path, opposite of the path taken in the Glassway Strike. Jumping to the first Vex platform, Guardians will want to look down, and to the right to find the second oracle. Destroy it to spawn a third oracle.

Guardians will want to head back to the spot where they stood to shoot the first oracle. Facing the fork in the paths, look right to find the third oracle floating above the Vex structure around the area where Guardians found the second oracle. Destroying the third oracle spawn the fourth and final oracle. Head in the direction of the second and third oracles. Jump to the Vex platform and head left. Follow this platform to the end to find the last oracle. The fifth penguin will appear where the oracle was.

From the fifth penguin, Guardians will need to turn around and follow the Vex platform down and to the left, following the path towards the Well of Infinitude. When arriving at the Well of Infinitude, continue following the path clearing any Vex along the way. Guardians will eventually come to a downward slope with an orange glow. Do not follow the slope down, instead, walk past the slope to find the sixth penguin stuck behind a Vex barrier. Approach and lower the barrier to claim the sixth penguin.

Guardians will want to fast travel to Charon Crossing, this time taking the leftmost path towards Cadmus Ridge. Continue north through Cadmus Ridge towards Eventide Ruins. When arriving at Eventide Ruins, head north across the area towards the lift that take Guardians to the Riis-Reborn Approach. Do not take the lift, instead, just past the lift, Guardians will find a large Fallen Captain named, Feriks, Salvation’s Squall. Defeat Feriks and pick up the dropped Scorch Cannon. Head towards the building that holds the entrance to the Bunker E15 lost sector. When reaching the building, inside to the right, there will be a chunk of ice with a waypoint marker on it. Use the scorch cannon to destroy the ice, releasing the seventh penguin.

From the seventh penguin, head back to where Guardians defeated Feriks, and take the lift gate up. Follow the path towards Riis-Reborn Approach. Continue following the linear path until Guardians reach the room with two exits, one on the top left, and one on the bottom right. There will be an invisible Fallen Marauder in this room, who will be hiding near the bottom right exit. Defeating the Fallen Marauder will drop the eight penguin.

From the eighth penguin, take the nearby exit up towards Kell’s Rising. Follow this path, taking the lift gate up. Follow the stairs up and around, using the teleporter behind the Fallen enemies. Continue following this path straight, and through the doorway to Kell’s Rising. Keep following this path through some orange rooms until Guardians reach a green-lit area with a fork in the path. Follow the right-hand path to find a Fallen Captain named Drake, Stasis Sniper. The last penguin in this guide can be found hidden behind some Fallen crates in the corner.

Now that Guardians have collected all nine penguins, they will need to fast travel back to Charon’s Crossing. There is a green doorway next to Variks’s hideout that leads to a room where Guardians can place the penguins. Placing all nine penguins around the room will complete the Reuniting the Eventide Rookery Triumph. This marks one less thing for Guardians to complete, before stepping into yet another war with the Cabal in Season 13.

Destiny 2: Beyond Light is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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