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Multiplayer-minded Destiny 2 players have been having to find something else to do with their time these past two weekends. Bungie was forced to disable Destiny 2‘s popular Trials of Osiris competitive multiplayer mode following some unexpected problems. At the time of Trials of Osiris being disabled, Bungie said it would be down indefinitely while it worked out a solution. This time around, indefinitely isn’t so long after all. Bungie’s now revealed when Trials of Osiris is coming back, starting tomorrow.

Destiny 2 players won’t have to go another weekend without Trials of Osiris (for now). Bungie will be reimplementing the multiplayer mode tomorrow on Friday, March 12, so that Trials of Osiris can run through the full weekend like normal. It’ll be active with the daily reset, so Destiny 2 players won’t even lose an hour of potential Trials of Osiris play-time. Players will just have to rush and make sure their Trials of Osiris fireteam is ready to get back into the action.

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As for why Trials of Osiris is back and playable after just two weeks, after Bungie said it’d be down indefinitely, the details are limited. All Bungie was willing to reveal was that there was an issue tied to Trials of Osiris, but that the issue has now been resolved. Bungie is typically only this secretive when it doesn’t want to inform players of a potential exploit, or of its fix, so that Bungie can catch more cheaters in the act.

While Bungie isn’t sharing any information about the issue, the Destiny 2 community believes it has figured out what may have caused the plug to be pulled. In short, players were using emblems to communicate with opposing teams. Using some simple communications, the teams would decide which team would win or lose. In other words, players were trading Destiny 2 victories so opposing sides could get flawless streaks.

The issue was apparently so big that as much as 2/3 of all Trials of Osiris players that earned a flawless streak were doing so with 5 or fewer kills. In other words, they were using this method to earn victories without playing the game. It was likely only due to the severity of the issue that Bungie decided to shut down Trials of Osiris.

Time will tell if Bungie’s truly been able to fix the issue, but it must feel confident if it’s ready to put Trials of Osiris back already. That initial announcement of an indefinite delay had some players worrying it could be months, or at least until Bungie’s promised multiplayer overhaul. Now they’ll be able to jump back in starting tomorrow.

Destiny 2 is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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