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Destiny 2: Beyond Light, Season of the Chosen, marks the thirteenth season in Destiny 2, and brings new Hunter Stasis Aspects, as well as new Aspects for the Warlock, and Titan. These new Stasis Aspects allow Guardians to further customize their Stasis subclasses and add some variance between Guardians using the Stasis subclass.

Stasis Aspects are one level of customization in the Darkness Stasis subclasses and come with unique perks. Guardians may only equip two Aspects at a time, however, the Aspects themselves also dictate how many Fragment slots Guardians can utilize. For example, The Hunter Aspect Shatterdive, from Season 12, only grants one Fragment slot towards the overall total. Guardians will want to grab these new Stasis Aspects to add some personalization to their Stasis subclasses.

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The new Hunter, Warlock, and Titan Stasis Aspects and their perks are as follows:

  • Grim Harvest, for Hunters: Defeating slowed or frozen combatants creates Stasis shards. These shards grant melee energy when picked up by Guardians or their allies. This Aspect grants two Fragment slots.
  • Bleak Watcher, for Warlocks: Press and hold the grenade button to convert the grenade into a Stasis turret that fires slowing projectiles at nearby targets. This Aspect grants one Fragment slot.
  • Howl of the Storm, for Titans: While sliding, activate the charged melee ability to launch a wave of Stasis energy forward that freezes target and creates Stasis crystals. This Aspect grants two Fragment slots.

Destiny 2 Guardians wanting to acquire these new Season of the Chosen Aspects will need to first visit the Stranger, in the Beyond, on Europa. The Stranger will give players a quest to investigate the Darkness. Guardians will need the Salvation’s Grip Exotic Heavy Grenade Launcher for this step. Guardians will want to track this new quest, which will lead them to the Well of Infinitude. Once inside the Well of Infinitude, Guardians will notice small Darkness pyramids floating in the air. Shoot these pyramids with the Salvation’s Grip to cause them to explode and spawn another Darkness pyramid further in the Well of Infinitude.

Follow the Darkness pyramids through the Well of Infinitude, destroying them with Salvation’s Grip along the way. Eventually, Guardians will come to the end of the Well of Infinitude and will need to finish clearing out the cabal enemies that appear. When all the pyramids are destroyed, the quest will update, and Guardians will need to complete a Heroic Exo Challenge. A fireteam is recommended for this activity.

Once the Heroic Exo Challenge is complete, Guardians will need to make their way back to the Stranger, who will send them to commune with the Ziggurat, to receive their new Stasis Aspect. Destiny 2 Guardians should note that this time around, the Stasis Aspect quest is account wide, so once completed, it will be completed for all characters on the player’s account. Guardians will simply have to visit the Stranger, and commune with the Ziggurat on each character to receive their Aspects on other characters.

Destiny 2: Beyond Light is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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