Destiny 2 – Hotfix Will Fix Eyes of Tomorrow Damage and Drop Rate

Destiny 2 Beyond Light - Eyes of Tomorrow

In its latest weekly update for Destiny 2, Bungie provided an update on the Exotic rocket launcher Eyes of Tomorrow. Earned from Beyond Light’s Deep Stone Crypt raid, the weapon has been doing less damage on bosses since update 3.1.0 dropped. As it turns out, a modifier was incorrectly reducing its damage to that of minibosses found in Lost Sectors.

The issue will be fixed with hotfix on March 23rd but that’s not all. Its drop rate is also being fixed with the bad luck protection on drops now applying on an account basis instead of per character. So if you’ve been raiding since Deep Stone Crypt dropped, that too with three characters, then the chances of getting Eyes of Tomorrow should be exponentially higher.

Finally, with regards to Trials of Osiris, the developer has managed to fix an issue with match rejoining in the playlist. Fans can expect it to start at the regular time this week. Hotfix will also bring numerous changes and nerfs to the Stasis sub-classes so stay tuned for its impending release.