Destiny 2 Dev Uses Gjallarhorn in Suez Canal Stuck Ship Meme

The world is currently suffering from something of an economic crisis as a large ship finds itself stuck in the Suez Canal. This brilliant feat of engineering is absolutely vital to maritime trade networks, so having it suddenly and unexpectedly blocked off has sent shockwaves through the world’s economy. Despite this, the people of the internet has wasted no time identifying with the ship, feeling as though it represents their own struggles to do their best and get through every day. The results are a hilarious set of memes that are simultaneously very funny and very nihilistic. Now a Destiny 2 developer is taking a shot at the meme, this time using the infamous Gjallarhorn as the catalyst.

Destiny 2 brought over many of the exotic weapons from the original Destiny, but one of the most popular ones, the Gjallarhorn rocket launcher, is still surprisingly absent from the game. This weapon’s destructive capability was unmatched, as each rocket that it fired split off into several more explosives that dealt massive damage to anything in the vicinity. Bosses were particularly susceptible to this thanks to their large size.

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While most of the Suez Canal stuck ship memes focus on relating to the stuck ship or coming up with strange ways to get it out such as tying it to rockets and flying it into space, Destiny 2 developer Elliott Gray is taking a different approach. The meme below shows a Guardian aiming the legendary Gjallarhorn weapon at the ship with the simple caption “I’ve had enough.” It seems safe to say that this would definitely solve the problem, although not in a way that many would be happy with.

Astute fans notice that this image has the Destiny 2 HUD rather than the classic Destiny HUD, prompting many to jump on the idea that the Gjallarhorn is finally coming to the game. Of course, this is just a meme created by a developer that has a history of making funny Destiny memes, so players shouldn’t put too much stock in that theory. Others notice that the HUD shows a Void element Grenade Launcher instead of a Solar element Rocket Launcher, joking that Destiny 2‘s Gjallarhorn is getting a rework.

As serious as this problem is, it’s nice that onlookers have found a way to see a bright side of sorts in it. While using the Gjallarhorn may not be an option to clear up this mess, the same feats of engineering that made building the Suez Canal possible will likely be needed again in order to free it up.

Destiny 2 is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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