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The spring season of Destiny 2 is about to start, and there is a lot coming with it. Bungie is making an effort to flesh out Destiny 2‘s systems now that it is transitioning into a more involved MMO style game rather than a multiplayer looter-shooter. Year 4 will see many of these changes implemented, but that doesn’t mean the studio will not be shedding the game’s underutilized aspects, as well. This includes Crimson Days, a Valentine’s Day event, which is being discontinued indefinitely.

Crimson Days was one of the first in-game holiday events in Destiny 1 and Destiny 2. A lighthearted and light on content event, Crimson Days offered a few extra challenges, some heartwarming cosmetics, and its trademark mode, Crimson Doubles. Most of the event’s progression happened inside the Crucible and via this mode.

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Bungie has openly stated that for the past few years, Crimson Days has been a lacking event, one that did not offer a plethora content, or meaningful content, for that matter. As the years progressed, the event stayed the same with reusing most of the rewards from previous years while adding few new ones. It was an inoffensive holiday event, but ultimately did not provide much value to the game.

By halting development on Crimson Days, Bungie will be able to put more effort into the current season, and possibly have room to develop more meaningful pursuits and activities that may or may not take the place of Crimson Days. Destiny 2‘s Season 13 already seems to be an ambitious season as far as the recent Destiny 2 seasons go, so the loss of Crimson Days shouldn’t sting a great deal.

As a result of this cut, Crimson Doubles, the specialized Doubles Crucible mode only available during the event isn’t getting deleted, but put into the Destiny Content Vault, meaning that it has a chance to return in the future. This was an interesting mode that utilized a unique teamplay ruleset alongside being one of the rare 2v2 game modes. It would be nice to have this game mode back in the future for variety, if nothing else.

There is no telling what other events wait for players in Season 13, but Guardian Games will presumably return, as that was set up as an Olympics-style championship where the winners would be honored in the Tower until the next tournament. With bounties becoming way less prominent in Destiny‘s gameplay rhythm, the following Guardian Games may look quite different.

Destiny 2 is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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