Destiny 2: 10 Pro-Tips To Help You Dominate PVP As A Warlock

The Warlock class in Destiny 2 is definitely the most difficult to master as a new or returning player. Despite the learning curve, the Warlock can be a dominant class if used correctly. Gamers that want to get the best out of the class need to focus on using the character’s rift ability combined with advanced movement techniques. It is also paramount that Destiny players have the correct exotics and class setups to ensure success in PVP.

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The Warlock is certainly a fun class to use, but it may take players just a little more time to get a feel for how to maximize the Warlock’s abilities. Gamers of all skill levels should try to incorporate the following tips to improve their performance in PVP with the Warlock.

10 Burst Glide

PVP players should always have burst glide equipped. Unlike Hunter and Titan jumps, Warlocks can use the burst glide to skate across the map by pressing the jump button while descending. However, Warlocks will not be able to glide upwards after the character is descending. Players must jump first before the glide can be initiated.

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By using the burst glide correctly, gamers can keep their jumps horizontal and avoid being exposed to open areas of a map. Additionally, the Warlock skating technique allows players to move much faster than while sprinting. Skating is also faster than an ordinary glide. Warlocks should only suspend themselves in the air when near a door or as an escape mechanism.

9 Use Karnstein Armlets

Top tree Dawnblade Warlocks should use the Karnstein Armlets in the Crucible. The armlets will make the Dawnblade celestial fire melee even more overpowered. Warlocks will receive instant health regen, and players can take on up to three opponents at one time. Warlock mains will be surprised how much of a difference the armlets make in both 3V3 and 6V6.

8 Top Tree Dawnblade And Mobility

Destiny gamers should not stack mobility when using the top tree Dawnblade subclass. As mentioned, Warlock skating is one of the most effective traits of the class. By increasing mobility, players will also be increasing the jump height of the character. Players should focus on stacking other traits, as the Warlock is more effective when jumping horizontally.

7 Using The Rift Correctly

Warlocks should always place the rift near cover. The rift will allow players to peek enemies without being killed immediately. Destiny gamers should use the map to proactively utilize the rift ability and prepare themselves for a gunfight. Additionally, players can use the third person animation to identify enemies behind cover. Good Warlocks will always drop rifts near corners and cover to scout opposing teams in third person.

6 Top Tree Stormcaller And Discipline

Stormcaller is most effective when players are chaining arc web. Players should invest in the discipline stat to decrease the grenade cooldown. Warlocks with high discipline can throw more grenades and chain more enemies. Depending on the subclass, players should always be asking themselves what the strengths and weaknesses of the subclass are when choosing weapons and abilities.

5 Sliding Rift

Warlocks cannot perform the rift while sliding. However, if players initiate the rift while sprinting, the character will perform a brief slide before deploying the rift. This tactic is especially effective when seeking cover. Warlocks taking enemy fire will be able to locate cover and use the rift to recover before re-engaging an opponent.

4 Top Tree Dawnblade Icarus Dash

Warlocks can use the Icarus Dash to avoid enemy gunfire and peek common sight lines. Similar to the advanced Hunter technique, Warlocks can take shots in popular lanes and dodge to avoid being hit. However, players should only use the dodge toward the direction of their momentum. Warlocks will not dodge well if the dodge is performed in the opposite direction of the character’s movement.

3 Sword Skating

When using any of any swords, players can activate a glide right after swinging the sword to initiate a perfectly flat skating technique. Players can continue to use the skating technique and glide even faster than with burst glide alone. By combining the method with the Warlock’s heavy attack, players can decimate enemy teams with ease.

2 Use Transversive Steps

The Transversive Steps exotic will give Warlocks increased speed and sliding distance. The exotic will also automatically reload the Warlock’s equipped weapon after a short period of time. Transversive Steps is one of the best exotics for any Warlock subclass and it will give new players a slight advantage in PVP. Unfortunately, Warlocks can only stack two speed modifications in their class setups. Warlock mains should consider pairing Transversive Steps with a light weight frame weapon. The combination will give gamers maximum sprint speed and slide distance.

1 Glide To Unexpected Positions

One of the upsides to using the Warlock is the ability to float to any playable position on the map. High ground is almost always an advantage in Destiny, and Warlocks are the best at getting to vertical positions on the map. In skilled lobbies, players should be using every tactic possible to gain a slight advantage. There are too many advantageous sight lines to cover in this list, but players should always be looking for a new clever position to outwit opponents.

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