Destiny 2: 10 Mistakes Players Make When Using Hunters

In Destiny 2 Beyond Light, the Hunter is arguably the best class in the game. With the stasis subclass, Hunters are able to obliterate entire teams by shattering guardians trapped in a glacier grenade. Even after the update, the stasis hunter is incredible in both PVP and PVE.

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The hunter’s increased popularity over the past few months means that there are a lot of people that have made the switch to the class. Every class is different, and even experienced Destiny players will make a few mistakes using the class. Below are all of the mistakes gamers make when using the hunter.

10 High Fliers

Gamers new to Destiny 2 always abuse the jump mechanics and think that it will give them an advantage. Jumping high in Destiny actually creates the opposite effect. Players that are high in the air and out in the open are usually free kills in PVP. The main reason is that they will not be able to seek cover for several seconds. Unless the player is a god-tier guardian, it is probably a better idea to stay on the ground. All hunter mains should use strafe jump to limit the height of each jump and maximize the distance and speed the character can travel.

9 Target Dummies

The hunter is a movement-focused class. Players that are new to Destiny 2 or new to the hunter will likely not understand the correct ways to move with the character. It is a very common mistake for players to be easy targets by not jumping, sliding, and dodging while using the class. A moving target is harder to hit than a stationary target. Likewise, an unpredictable moving target is more difficult to hit than a player moving in a straight line.

8 Dodging Out Of Cover

The dodge is a hunter’s greatest tool. Gamers will often use the ability to speed around a corner or peek a lane. This is one of the worst ways to use the ability. Gamers should be using the dodge to seek cover and not to leave it. Instead of using the dodge offensively, it should be used as a retreat tactic.

7 Burning Dodge

Another common error hunters make is overusing the dodge ability. The dodge is the most useful ability, but it should only be used when needed. Gamers that are using dodge in open spaces, or using it to travel faster are not optimizing the class. Additionally, when guardians actually need to use the dodge, it will be on cooldown. Players need to be efficient with the ability, despite how cool it may look to use it every five seconds.

6 Sliding Out

Duels in Destiny 2 are a game of cat and mouse. The current shotgun meta makes timing slides and pushes even more important. Players that are in the one shot kill range and fire first will win every time. With hunters specifically, it is common to slide just a little too far when moving around the map.

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A good rule is to always be one second away from cover. This will ensure that hunters can dodge or sprint to find cover when taking fire. Guardians need to time their slides effectively and avoid getting exposed in open areas of each map.

5 Taking The Bait

Baiting involves forcing a player to make a push and punishing them for it. Smart players will fake opponents into thinking they are pushing and immediately create distance. Hunters can create space by either performing a backward slide or dodging backward.

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As an aggressive player performs a push, guardians can move forward slightly and dodge back to eliminate one shot kills. Now, hunters will be using a hand cannon at medium range while the opponent is wielding a shotgun. Players should use the bait to their advantage instead of being hyper-aggressive.

4 The Beginner Dodge

Many hunters do not know that the dodge animation can be manipulated while the ability is active. By moving the character and the angle of the view, hunters will dodge in an unpredictable manner. By performing the tactic, players can avoid getting shot while performing the dodge. It is also very difficult to tell which direction a hunter is dodging when this tactic is used.

3 Ignoring Topography

Gamers should always be using the structures and topography on each map to increase their movement speed. Any type of gradient can be used by hunters to slide further and faster. The slight increase in speed and distance can be the difference between winning and losing engagements. By combining slides with dodges and jumps, gamers will become better hunters.

2 Crouch Macro

Crouching, as well as strafing, is essential when using the hunter. However, it is far too common for players to crouch repeatedly. The point of these movements is to make it harder for enemies to hit shots. Gamers that spam crouch are essentially just standing still. Guardians should mix in a few crouches with their strafes, not hit the button uncontrollably.

1 Spectral Blades And Arcstrider

There are too many players in Destiny that run in a straight line while using these supers. Guardians can use the arcstrider attack as much as they want to move from side to side. Similarly, players using the spectral blades super can dodge from side to side to cover distances without being shot. Good players will snipe supers that do not vary their movement.

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