Deathloop Delayed to September 14


Game delays have been a dime a dozen these last few weeks and months, thanks to the impact that COVID has had on development. If, however, you thought that a game that’s less than two months away from launch would be safe from more delays, like Deathloop is, you’d be wrong. Arkane Studios have announced that the upcoming action-adventure title has been delayed by nearly four months. Due out on May 21, the game will now long on September 14.

In its message announcing the delay, Arakane says the decision was made to commit to a certain level of quality while remaining true to the vision they have for the game, as well as “ensuring the health and safety” of all members of the development team. The developer says this additional development time will help the team “create a fun, stylish, and mind-bending player experience.”

This isn’t the first time Deathloop has been delayed. It was originally due out in Holiday 2020 as a PS5 launch title, and was pushed back due to the COVID pandemic.

Deathloop will launch for PS5 and PC. Its PlayStation console exclusivity period will last for a year.