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Following the game’s release on PlayStation 4 in late 2019, Kojima Productions brought Death Stranding to PC, welcoming an influx of new fans to experience its divisive apocalyptic postman simulator. Thanks to a new financial report published by 505 Games‘ parent company Digital Bros, it’s now been confirmed that the port was a significant success for the company, making them a total of €23 million last year.

The report shares statistics for a number of 505’s biggest releases over the last two years, with Death Stranding stealing 2020’s top spot by a decent margin. The report documents the total number of sales for each game from January to December of 2020, meaning Death Stranding managed to soar to the top of the company’s sales charts in just five months.

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Other games included in the report were Control, Ghost Runner, and Assetto CorsaAs was to be expected considering Remedy pulled in record-breaking revenue numbers during 2020Control also managed to amass high sales throughout last year, pulling in a total of €16 million. Assetto Corsa, on the other hand, generated just under €9 million and Ghostrunner pulled in almost €7 million. It’s clear 2020 was a good year for 505 Games, especially with the PC release of Death Stranding exceeding expectations.

For those who didn’t get a chance to hop into the game when it hit PlayStation 4 in 2019 or joined PC last July, Death Stranding follows Sam Porter Bridges – a delivery man who traverses a futuristic, post-apocalyptic rendition of America plagued by shadowy creatures and other threats. Hideo Kojima marketed the game as the first entry in an entirely new genre, as players had to manage packages, cross perilous terrain, and use various navigational tools to reach their destination. It was met with mixed reactions at release, with some lording the title as something entirely new and unexpected, while others claimed it was overly long, tedious, and harbored an obtuse story.

Although nothing’s been confirmed just yet, recent reports have stated that Kojima could be announcing a new project soon, with many hoping it might be a second helping of Death Stranding. It’ll be interesting to see whether the director returns to his first franchise since establishing Kojima Productions or moves onto something entirely new, with several rumors hinting that he could be working on an ambitious horror project.

As for the other games mentioned in the report, the future definitely looks bright. Remedy has already confirmed it’s moving forward with another game set in Control’s universe. Meanwhile, 505 Games recently purchased the Ghostrunner IP for €5 million, securing the right to make follow-up releases.

Death Stranding is out now on PC and PlayStation 4.

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Source: Digital Bros, Gamespot