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The asymmetrical multiplayer game Dead by Daylight from Behaviour Interactive is an absolute treat for horror fans. Pitting four Survivors against a ruthless Killer, Dead by Daylight forces players to work together to survive their very own slasher movie.

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With all DLCs combined with the base game, there are 24 Survivors and counting for players to choose from. Featuring a wide variety of gameplay features and tricks, as well as a unique combination of original and famous horror characters, it can be daunting for players to decide who to play as.

24 Quentin Smith

Quentin Smith seems to not offer as much as other characters. The “Wake Up!” perk is only useful in the final moments of the game, and only within a specific range of the Exit Gates. “Pharmacy”  guarantees a Med-Kit but doesn’t really offer anything else. The perk that seems to be the most helpful is “Vigil,” which offers a boost to each Survivor’s recovery.

23 Ace Visconti

Most of Ace’s perks aren’t very useful. Both he and other Survivors can gain stack-able Luck bonuses for up to 9%, which isn’t very helpful for the game. “Ace in the Hole” allows him to retrieve an add-on with a Very Rare rating or lower, which can be nice, but doesn’t help with the game’s overall goal of survival. “Open-Handed” is perhaps the most useful of Ace’s abilities, allowing him to increase the range of his Aura readings.

22 Ash J. Williams

It’s quite unfortunate that Ash from the series Ash vs Evil Dead isn’t very engaging. The most useful perk is likely “Man of Mettle,” but more so for the other Survivors.

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“Flip-Flop” is also somewhat useful, depending on whether players prefer recovery or wiggle progression. “Buckle Up” is essentially useless, simply allowing players to read the recovery progress of others.

21  Adam Francis

Adam Francis has a bunch of interesting abilities, but none of them useful. “Diversion” is a nice idea but requires Adam to be in somewhat of a specific scenario, so can’t be used terribly often. “Autodidact” grants Adam an easier time healing other Survivors, with only receiving a few tokens. “Deliverance” is perhaps the most pointless, simply guaranteeing that Adam can unhook himself.

20 Steve Harrington

From the hit Netflix series Stranger Things, Steve can be useful for helping out other teammates. “Babysitter” is the most useful of Steve’s perks, making it so other Survivors don’t leave any trace after they’re unhooked. “Camaraderie” doesn’t do too much, but can be helpful if Steve needs to unhook himself. “Second Wind” is pretty much useless, simply allowing healing to be a bit easier.

19 Jeffrey “Jeff” Johansen

With Jeff, “Breakdown” allows him to briefly see the Killer’s aura after being unhooked. “Distortion” is similarly advantageous, with Jeff not leaving any Scratch Marks if the Killer reads his aura. “Aftercare” only allows Jeff to see the auras of other Survivors who helped throughout the game but offers no other uses. Jeff is the loudest character in Dead by Daylight, however.

18 Jane Romero

Jane doesn’t really offer much, but her perks can prove valuable in specific situations. “Head On,” which stuns the Killer while escaping from a locker, is something players may be thankful to have. The “Solidarity” perk heals both her and another Survivor, which can be useful. “Poised” also avoids leaving Scratch Marks after fixing a Generator.

17 Kate Denson

Perks for Kate focus on fleeing the Killer more than anything, which can be good or bad depending on the player. “Dance With Me” allows Kate to not leave any scratch marks after vaulting or fleeing a locker.

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“Windows of Opportunity” can help reveal auras of useful items such as pallets or breakable walls. Her final perk, “Boil Over,” increases her struggle against the Killer and obstructs the Killer’s aura reading of hooks.

16 Zarina Kassir

Zarina is a great choice for players looking for stealth and support. After escaping from a hook, “Off the Record” makes Zarina silent and invisible to the Killer’s aura readings. With “Red Herring,” players can create a  distraction for the Killer. “For the People” also allows Zarina to easily heal others.

15 Yui Kimura

Much of the perks for Yui focus on covering the tracks of both herself and other Survivors. Once Yui gets injured, “Lucky Break” activates, and she won’t leave any pools of blood for up to 180 seconds. “Any Means Necessary” allows her to reset dropped pallets, making things confusing for the Killer, and “Breakout” allows carried players nearby to increase wiggle speed while Yui herself increases in movement.

14 Detective David Tapp

From the Saw franchise, David Tapp can prove useful for surviving the game. “Tenacity” allows the player to recover health while also crawling at an increased speed. “Detective’s Hunch” is also pretty helpful, showing the auras of generators, chests, and totems within a certain area. If David is holding a map, generators will also be added to it.

13 Cheryl Mason

Appearing from Silent Hill 3, Cheryl Mason is a simple yet cunning character to play as. “Blood Pact” allows Cheryl to see the aura of the Killer if she becomes the Obsession, and gains the haste status effect upon being healed.

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Cheryl can also use “Repressed Alliance” to briefly block newly repaired generators from being destroyed by the Killer, which is always useful.

12 Nea Karlsson

Nea’s abilities have mostly a focus on stealth. “Balanced Landing” reduces stagger from falls, silences noises, and increases Nea’s movement significantly. Similarly, “Urban Evasion” increases Nea’s movement while crouching, both of which can be useful when evading the Killer. The “Streetwise” ability also reduces item consumption for Nea and nearby Survivors.

11 Nancy Wheeler

Also from Stranger Things, Nancy can use “Better Together” to allow other players to see the generator she’s working on. “Fixated” also allows Nancy to see her own Scratch Marks, and “Inner Strength” allows her to heal while hiding inside a locker.

10 Jake Park

Jake is a character designed for complete stealth. “Iron Will” can hide his grunts of pain for up to 100%, and “Calm Spirit” reduces the likeliness of alerting crows to a similar degree.

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“Saboteur” can also allow him to sabotage hooks without a toolbox, making him an effective character against the Killer.

9 Feng Min

Feng Min is useful in Dead by Daylight for repairing generators and evading the Killer. “Technician” reduces the hearing distance of a repairing generator. Feng Min can also see the Killer’s aura when they break a pallet, wall, or generator. Finally, “Lithe” allows her to sprint at 150% after performing a rushed vault.

8 David King

David is a particularly useful character for players looking to protect others throughout the game. David can heal other Survivors faster, take a Protection Hit for other Survivors, and briefly stun the Killer to rescue a Survivor. David can also use “Dead Hard” to dash and avoid damage, and “No Mither” to diminish pools of blood and grunts of pain.

7 Felix Richter

For repairing generators and rescuing Survivors, Felix is particularly great. “Visionary” can be used to find generators within a certain distance. Other players will benefit from “Desperate Measures,” which increases their healing and unhooking speeds. Felix can also use “Built to Last” to refill a depleted item up to 50%.

6 Élodie Rakoto

Élodie proves to be an effective character against the Killer. “Deception” can be used to lead the Killer in the player’s direction, while also not leaving any scratch marks. While being carried by the Killer, Élodie can also drop a nearby pallet to stun the Killer and escape.

5 Dwight Fairfield

Dwight’s abilities are simple and effective. “Bond” allows him to see the auras of other players up to a certain distance. “Prove Thyself” can increase the repair speed of generators up to 45%. His most useful perk, however, is “Leader;” this increases the other players’ speed for healing, unhooking, unlocking gates, and more.

4 Claudette Morel

Claudette’s gameplay has an emphasis on support and healing, which can prove vital. Injured auras are revealed to Claudette through “Empathy.” “Self-Care” automatically unlocks a health kit, which can be used with “Botany Knowledge” to heal at an increased speed.

3 William “Bill” Overbeck

From Left 4 Dead, Bill is also a fantastic character to play as in Dead by Daylight. “Unbreakable” allows him to fully recover from the dying state, and “Borrowed Time” enables players he rescues from hooks to be protected by endurance.

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“Left Behind” also allows him to see the aura of the hatch if he’s the last man standing.

2 Laurie Strode

From Halloween, Laurie can use “Sole Survivor,” so her aura can’t be read by the Killer within a certain range. “Decisive Strike” can be used to easily escape the Killer’s grasp, while “Object of Obsession” can provide a unique challenge of having Laurie’s and the Killer’s auras visible to each other.

1 Meg Thomas

Sometimes the original is simply the best, as is the case with Meg. “Quick and Quiet” allows her to make less noise vaulting and hiding in lockers. She can sprint at 150% using “Sprint Burst,” which is also applied when the exit gates are powered under “Adrenaline.”

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