Days Gone Coming to PC This Spring Followed by More PlayStation Exclusives in 2021

For the most part, Sony has kept its big exclusive games completely exclusive to its PlayStation consoles. Sony’s exclusives are the biggest selling points for its consoles, and so porting them to other platforms like PC could theoretically cut into the number of people who buy PlayStation consoles to play PlayStation exclusive games. However, Sony has started doing just that, bringing Horizon Zero Dawn to PC last year, with Days Gone to follow this spring.

PlayStation’s Jim Ryan has confirmed that the Days Gone PC port will be released at some point this spring. In an interview with GQ, Ryan explained that Horizon Zero Dawn sold well on PC and that there was “no adverse reaction” to the port from the PlayStation community, so the company will continue pursuing PC ports for PlayStation exclusive games. Ryan stopped short of specifying which PlayStation exclusive games will be making the jump to PC, however.

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It doesn’t seem as though Sony will start releasing PlayStation exclusives day and date on PC. There’s years between the PS4 releases of Days Gone and Horizon Zero Dawn and their PC ports, and that trend will likely continue moving forward. Even so, there’s no denying the value behind PlayStation’s exclusive games, and so this is still big news for PC gamers regardless.

One distinct possibility that comes to mind when it comes to PlayStation exclusives coming to PC is the 2018 God of War game. Rumors have already been swirling about a God of War PC port, and considering the game’s massive popularity, it would make a lot of financial sense. Not only that, but if Sony can get new gamers hooked on the new God of War storyline through a PC port, it may very well be able to convert them to PS5 owners once the God of War sequel comes out.

Another game that’s been rumored for a PC port for quite some time is Bloodborne. Developed by FromSoftware but published by Sony, Bloodborne was a massive success when it launched in 2015, selling millions of copies and standing as one of the PS4’s most critically-acclaimed games. A Bloodborne PC port would allow FromSoftware enthusiasts without PlayStation see what all the fuss is about, and since there is quite a large FromSoftware following on PC, that would be a great move on Sony’s part.

Whatever PlayStation exclusives are coming to PC, fans should find out more in the months ahead.

Days Gone is out now, exclusively for PS4.

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Source: GQ