Dark Souls 3: 10 Items Every Two-Handed Build Should Have

For the boldest of warriors, wielding the greatweapons in Dark Souls 3 is the pinnacle that the Ashen One seeks to reach. The epic ultra greatswords, devastating greataxes, and humongous great hammers are all immensely satisfying to slash, cleave, and crush foes with respectively.

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It is quite possible to do some soul farming so that one can level up enough to wield these weapons without any aid, however, there are some items that can help one pick up and use their desired weapon without spending time to achieve the required stats organically.

Since the weapons that one will be two-handing are usually fairly hefty, players may need a bit of help dealing with their immense weight and high stamina consumption, as well as some other minor drawbacks. Thankfully, there are some items, specifically rings and consumables, that can make using one’s favorite weapon easier.

This consumable may not do anything directly to one’s capabilities in wielding weapons in a two-handed manner, however, it can cut down on some annoyances that sometimes plague those who prioritize power over speed, as foes, particularly humans in PvP, can get away to heal while one lumbers after them.

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An Undead Hunter Charm, when it strikes the ground, will produce a cloud of white mist that will prevent the target from using their Estus Flask to heal for 25 seconds. While this duration may not seem very long, just under half a minute is plenty of time for one to catch to a weakened foe to delivering a devastating running or jumping attack to finish them off.

Gained as a covenant reward for reaching rank 2 with the Watchdogs of Farron, the Wolf Ring grants its wearer added poise, allowing them to tank through attacks better. The poise that it grants isn’t very much, however, when combined with the natural hyper armor and poise health of certain greatweapons, it can be a useful trinket.

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This ring also makes reference to the mighty Knight Artorias, the Abysswalker. This legendary warrior had a will like unbreakable steel and wielded a greatsword, much like any player who would make the best use of the Wolf Ring.

Of all the consumable healing items in the game, Siegbrau is arguably the best during the early and mid-game before one has had the chance to fully upgrade one’s Estus Flask. It restores 20% of the Ashen One’s health after one drinks it down as well as boosting their max health by 100 points and even granting some frost resistance.

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While tanking through hits, it is inevitable to lose some HP, therefore having more max health can be very handy. Be sure to stockpile the few Siegbraus that one can encounter in the game, as they are only given by Siegward, the joyful knight from Catarina in the main game, and Amnesiac Lapp in The Ringed City DLC.

An obvious choice of equipment for players aiming to swing around the biggest and most badass weapons is Havel’s Ring, particularly if they intend to don some heavy armor as well. This finger loop adorned with pebbles increases one’s maximum equip load by 15%, granting more flexibility for one’s loadout.

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Equipping Havel’s Ring can alleviate one from having to do some soul farming to level up enough to sport the desired armor and weapon.

Short of having to make a trip back to a bonfire or seeing Andre of Astora at Firelink Shrine, players may sometimes need to worry about their weapons degrading to the point of breaking. This is not terribly common, thankfully, however, due to the durability of certain items, it can be a great issue for some.

Not only will one’s weapon slowly lose durability the more it is used, but some enemies also use attacks that can cause a weapon to degrade ridiculously quickly, which would render one toothless in a fight. Be sure to always have some Repair Powder handy just in case one’s main weapon gets close to breaking to avoid a serious issue.

Plucked from the remains of one of the Sulyvahn’s beasts found in the underground reservoir area in Irithyll of the Boreal Valley, this benevolent ring can be useful to plenty of builds besides those that wield two-handed weapons, however, it is more useful to them than others.

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The Ring of Favor bestows upon the wearer a 3% increase in max HP, an 8.5% increase in max stamina, and a 5% increase to max equip load.

Although Green Blossoms can be found in many different locations, farming the disgusting sewer centipede enemies for these useful green weeds is the easiest way to find them. Green Blossoms are arguably the best consumable for a player who plans to use up a lot of stamina with the attacks of massive weapons.

When consumed, this item increases the Stamina Regeneration stat by 5 for 60 seconds, which, depending on the player’s equip load, will grant between 8% and 11% faster stamina regen; if one’s equip load is under 70%, they will get the bigger boost.

Appropriately, this simple ring in the form of a broken chainlink is attained from transposing the Soul of Champion Gundyr, who was a prisoner of his fate that possessed immense Vigor, Endurance, and Vitality.

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When equipped, the Prisoner’s Chain boosts the player’s Vigor, Endurance, and Vitality by 5 points each, making it essentially like being able to equip 15 levels worth of stats. For bonus health, stamina, and equip load, there is no better choice of equipment than this ring.

A more potent version of Green Blossoms, these flowering weeds increase the amount of stamina regeneration by a larger amount than their less rare counterparts. Budding Green Blossoms can still be farmed from the hideous sewer centipedes, however, they drop far more rarely.

These should be saved for tougher encounters, such as during boss fights, for they can provide builds with high stamina consumption much more ammunition for heavy physical attacks. By giving a flat +9 to the Stamina Regeneration stat for 60 seconds, if one is over 70% of their equip load, this consumable will grant about 18% faster regen and if one is under that 70% equip load threshold, they will receive a massive 22% increase in stamina recovery.

Undeniably, the best item for a two-handed weapon build is the renowned Chloranthy Ring; simply wearing it will boost one’s stamina regeneration enough to unleash many more attacks and use much more rolls and blocks, if needed.

While equipped, this gorgeous green trinket bestows between 16% and 20% faster stamina recovery depending if one is below or above the 70% equip load threshold. Although the base form of the Chloranty Ring is awesome and immensely helpful for two-handed builds, there are even better +1, +2, and +3 versions of it found in The Ringed City DLC as well as New Game+ and beyond.

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