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There is no better type of weapon in Dark Souls 3 to crush one’s foes into a pancake than the Great Hammers. They offer huge damage, excellent poise health (plus hyper armor), and can stagger or stun-lock a ton of enemies, including some human ones in PVP.

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While there are a bunch to choose from, the best of them all are the ones with the highest damage output, which is usually indicated by their base attack and scaling, however, a few possess weapon skills that push them to the top in regards to viability.

10 Great Club

Basically a giant piece of wood, the Great Club may not seem impressive beyond its size, however, it offers the potential worthy of its name to two-handed weapon builds because of solid amounts of damage and the ability to make use of the Warcry weapon skill to unleash a devastating strong attack combo.

When fully upgraded after a Heavy infusion to the max +10 level, this hefty branch with a handle gets 281 physical attack as well as an awesome A-tier scaling in Strength.

9 Quakestone Hammer

Few will want to get struck by this rugged Great Hammer made from rock, though even less will want to be on the receiving end of its weapon skill, Quake, for it causes the ground to tremble as a shockwave is sent outward, knocking back any adversary too close to the wielder.

Though, despite a cool skill and awesome scaling, the Quakestone Hammer is a bit disappointing in the base attack department, meaning that most players will prefer to use another Great Hammer after getting bored of the Quake weapon skill. At the max +5 upgrade, this weapon receives 286 physical attack and A-tier scaling in Strength.

8 Morne’s Great Hammer

This ornate armament is a unique variation of other Great Hammers and possesses similar potential. Its weapon skill, Morne’s Rage, lets out a shockwave around the wielder as well as buffing their poise and damage reduction, much like the Perseverance skill.

However, while Morne’s Great Hammer has sufficient base attack to be viable, its scaling is rather lackluster. At the max upgrade level of +5, it gets 348 physical attack along with C-tier scaling in Strength and D-tier in Faith.

7 Great Mace

Notable as one of the weapons used by the tanky cathedral knights, the Great Mace can also be a nice weapon in the hands of the Ashen One, as it can drain the stamina of shield-hugging foes very quickly. Its Perseverance weapon skill is a common one on Great Hammers, though for good reason, as this can let Great Mace wielders poise through even more attacks than before.

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This metal mace also benefits from a Heavy infusion, like many of its brethren. After it is ascended to +10, it receives 342 physical attack and B-tier scaling in Strength.

6 Ledo’s Great Hammer

Out of all Great Hammers (as well as melee weapons in general), Ledo’s Great Hammer is one of the heaviest, at an over encumbering 28 weight, so be sure to invest in the Vitality stat (or equip Havel’s Ring) if one wants to use this Great Hammer. Be sure to read the item description as well to learn some cool lore about its former owner, the eccentric Silver Knight Ledo.

Its Call to Stone weapon skill is a devastating attack that surrounded the head of the hammer with stones before pummeling all in front of the wielder with a terrifying overhead smash. Such an impressive weapon skill is backed by decent, albeit lower than expected, base damage and solid scaling. When fully upgraded to the max level of +5, this armament attains 296 physical attack and A-tier scaling in Strength.

5 Smough’s Great Hammer

Once wielded by the well-known Executioner Smough from the first Dark Souls game, this massive mallet is one of the weapons in the game that possesses the greatest poise health, which allows its wielder to tank through the hits of even other greatweapons.

After upgrading Smough’s Great Hammer to the highest level of +5, it obtains 358 physical attack as well as B-tier scaling in Strength.

4 Dragon Tooth

Out of all the Great Hammers that have been seen in the Dark Souls trilogy, Dragon Tooth is likely the one that has been the cause of the most player deaths, as it is usually found in the sturdy hands of the ever-intimidating Havel the Rock.

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If the Ashen One can best the magic-hating bishop at Archdragon Peak, he will drop this dragon weapon which boosts the wielder’s magic and fire damage reductions by 12.5% respectively. However, its damage output is the true reason to use Dragon Tooth, as at +5, this unique Great Hammer gets 342 physical attack and B-tier scaling in Strength.

3 Gargoyle Flame Hammer

Technically a portable torch made of stone that probably initially was meant to be used for simple lighting, the Gargoyle Flame Hammer can be effective at both crushing and scorching foes. Its weapon skill, Kindled Fury, allows the wielder to smash down the great hammer before blasting those in front with a plume of fire.

Although it cannot be infused, this weapon can still be upgraded to +10, and when it is, it gains 244 physical attack, 200 fire attack, and triple scaling: C-tier with Strength and D-tier with both Intelligence and Faith.

2 Vordt’s Great Hammer

As one of the earliest great hammers that can be acquired in the game, Vordt’s Great Hammer can be a stalwart ally throughout the entire game as it is effective against a ton of different enemies and bosses.

It possesses the highest frost build-up per hit in all of Dark Souls 3 at 110, which means the wielder can freeze foes to death while almost caving their skull inward with severe strikes. When this unique boss weapon is upgraded to the max of +5, it gets 320 physical attack as well as B-tier scaling in Strength.

1 Old King’s Great Hammer

Once used to burn and bash the player in the hideous hands of the Old Demon King, the burning monarch’s soul can be transposed to create this devastating Great Hammer. Its weapon skill, Molten Perseverance, is another variation of the always-handy Perseverance skill, though, this one unleashes waves of molten rock with the strong attack in addition to the usual poise and damage reduction-boosting effects.

At the max upgrade level of +5, the Old King’s Great Hammer achieves 328 physical attack, 126 fire attack, and triple scaling: C-tier with Strength as well as D-tier with Intelligence and Faith respectively.

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