Dark Souls 2: All 9 Covenants, Ranked By Their Rewards

Covenants in Dark Souls 2 allow players the opportunity to gain some unique rewards in exchange for certain items. They have been a part of the Dark Souls series since the very first game, giving players an added layer of depth in terms of gameplay. Each covenant offers players different rewards suited for different builds and playstyles. While some are extremely useful for players during their game, others leave them wanting.

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From a total of nine covenants, players can earn plenty of rewards. However, this raises the question, which covenant offers the best rewards and which does not?

9 Rat King Covenant

The Rat King Covenant is better suited for experienced players who prefer to use tricks and cunning to best their opponents. In terms of rewards, players can get 10 Small Smooth and Silky Stones at Rank 1, and 10 Smooth and Silky Stones at Rank 2. Players can exchange these stones with Dyna and Tillo for further rewards.

At Rank 3, players can get the Slumbering Dragoncrest Ring, an item that masks any walking or running sounds they make. With only one reward that is geared to only sneak builds, the Rat King Covenant does not offer rewards that players can’t get elsewhere in the game.

8 Blue Sentinels

The Blue Sentinels is a PvP covenant that allows players to summon other members against invaders. In terms of rewards, players can get the Spirit Tree Shield as a Rank 1 reward. The shield does not block a lot of damage but players can deflect spells back with a well-timed parry. At Rank 2, players can get the Wrath of the Gods Miracle, which can be very effective in taking out enemies in proximity to the players.

At Rank 3, players get the Bountiful Sunlight Miracle that allows them to heal themselves and other players around them. The rewards from the Blue Sentinels benefit a Miracle build the most but better options exist in the game.

7 Bell Keepers

The Bell Keepers Covenant guards the bells in Belfry Luna and Belfry Sol. Entering these locations will summon covenant members who will attempt to eliminate the player and prevent them from ringing the bells. In terms of rewards, the Covenant benefits players who are looking to upgrade their equipment. For every defeated opponent, a Titanite Chunk is awarded.

Rank 1 rewards players with a Titanite Slab, while at Rank 2, players get the Hidden Weapon Sorcery, which makes their weapons invisible. However, at Rank 3, players get the Bellkeepers Armor Set, which provides decent physical and status defenses.

6 Company Of Champions

This covenant is better for experienced players who want an extra challenge in their playthroughs. At Rank 1, players get the Great Magic Weapon Sorcery, which buffs their weapons with magic damage. At Rank 2, they get the First Dragon Ring that grants them a small bonus to Health, Stamina, and Equipment Load.

At Rank 3, they get the Vanquisher’s Seal, which is best suited for unarmed builds but is slower than other options in the category. Players can easily find alternatives to the rewards offered by this covenant in the game.

5 Way Of The Blue

The Way Of The Blue Covenant is perfect for new players or those who don’t want to be invaded. When a player is attacked by an invader, a covenant member is summoned to help him. At Rank 1, players can get the Bloodbite Ring, granting them substantial Bleeding resistance.

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At Rank 2, they get the Hush Sorcery, which masks any walking or running sounds they make. Finally, at Rank 3, they get the Blue Tearstone Ring that boosts the players’ defense when their health falls down too low. The covenant provides some excellent rewards that can help players out in a pinch.

4 Dragon Remnants

Another PvP focused covenant, the Dragon Remnants mainly focuses on 1v1 duels. Members of the covenant can summon other players and then challenge them to a duel, earning them Dragon Scales to advance in rank. At Rank 1, players get the Dragon Head Stone, which gives them the Black Dragon Helm. The helm also grants players with the firebreathing ability that can be used to stagger opponents. At Rank 2, the Dragon Torso Stone is rewarded, granting players the Armor, Gloves, and Leggings of the Black Dragon Set.

Players can get the roar ability that buffs their damage for 6 seconds but uses a lot of stamina. At Rank 3, players get the Black Dragon Greatsword that has no scaling of any kind. The armor set provides decent protection but players can find better alternatives to the Greatsword in the game.

3 Heirs Of The Sun

The Heirs Of The Sun is a co-op centric covenant that focuses on helping players out in difficult fights. At Rank 1, players get the Sunlight Parma Shield, which provides modest protection at best. At Rank 2, they get the Sun Sword, which has one of the best scalings for a straight sword in the game.

At Rank 3, players get the Sunlight Spear, which has the highest damage output for a miracle in the game. This covenant can benefit multiple player builds with well-balanced rewards.

2 Pilgrims Of The Dark

Pilgrims of the Dark pits players against some of the hardest enemies of the game. The covenant adds three additional areas which players need to clear of all enemies and then light three beacons. The covenant offers rewards better suited for a hex build. At Rank 1, players get the Resonant Soul hex that uses up souls to increase its damage and range. At Rank 2, players get the Greater Resonant Soul hex, which is an upgraded version of the previous hex.

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Rank 3 gives players 3 rewards with the Climax Hex, which is the ultimate version of the previous hexes and uses up all souls the player has, the Xanthous Set and the Dragon Chime. The Xanthous Set provides a variety of resistances against multiple status effects making it one of the best armor sets in the game.

1 Brotherhood Of Blood

The Brotherhood Of Blood is another PvP covenant with a focus on invasions. Players can advance rank by conducting successful invasions and winning arena matches against other members. At Rank 1, players get the Curved Twinblade, which is best suited for a Dexterity build. The weapon comes with a Bleed effect and scales best with the dexterity stat. The Rank 2 reward is the Crescent Sickle, a weapon that also scales up with Dexterity. It is best infused with Magic with 50 points in the Int stat for maximum damage.

At Rank 3, players get the Great Chaos Fireball, which is a must-have for Pyromancy builds. It is the most powerful of all Pyromancies and is useful both in PvE and PvP.

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