Cyberpunk 2077's Gangs Ranked From Least To Most Powerful

Cyberpunk 2077 is filled with powerful and often terrifying gangs. But some of them are much less powerful than they seem, while others are deadlier than V could ever imagine. One of the best things about the controversy-filled game is its use of gangs and the side jobs that teach the player about the dangers Night City faces, as well as the wide variety of gangs and corporations within this messed up city.

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While all the gangs in Night City are scary, not all of them have the power they crave. Many are still building themselves up when V graces the city, others are coaxed along with the help of the player and other gangs have been rampant on the streets for decades, causing them to strike fear in the hearts of innocent people. However, fear doesn’t always mean power, and sometimes being unknown is the best way to be.

10 The Mox Of Lizzie’s Bar

The Mox is one of the smaller, newer, and kinder gangs that easily has the best morals and goals. The gang was founded in memory of Lizzie Borden, a strip club owner who dedicated her life to protecting the vulnerable from violence and dangers, specifically sex workers.

Unfortunately, The Moxes’ small numbers and brand of protection forces them to be rather low down on the power scale. While they don’t shy away from some dodgy deals and a bit of violence, their cause isn’t to punish the innocent or large groups of people, unless they deserve it.

9 The Animals Of Pacifica

The Animals are a gang that mainly works as bouncers and bodyguards throughout Night City so they mainly focus on making themselves look as intimidating as possible. While it’s undeniable that their presence is noted when the player tries to get into a club, they don’t exactly hold a ton of power.

They definitely have a lot of members, ranging from 2,500 to 3,000. At the end of the day, they work for the more powerful gangs inside the bars and clubs they guard or beat people up for. While they’re intimidating, they don’t really call the shots and are still trying to work their way up the ladder.

8 The Scavengers That Haunt The Dark Corners Of Night City

Scavengers do as their name dictates, they scavenge implants off anyone they can get their hands on so they can sell it on for some quick money. They care little about who their victim is and attack anyone from corporate bosses to innocent bystanders. This makes them heavily feared and somewhat powerful since no one is safe, but ultimately they aren’t the ones who hold all the power.

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They have no turf to call their own, instead roaming the streets for the hunt and a prime victim. If it ever came down to one gang ruling the whole of Night City, many players and citizens would not back this gang since they ultimately just roam the streets like common thieves and murderers, they have no say in what happens to this crazy place.

7 The Valentinos Of Heywood

The Valentinos are certainly well known and respected. They are surprisingly well-loved in Heywood due to their street parties, drag races, and other activities to keep the locals entertained and happy. What they lack in power they make up for in respect and numbers with their estimated gang size being around 6,000 people.

While they are fun and relatively kind to those who don’t cause them trouble, they just don’t hold the kind of power many would have liked to see. Nevertheless, their devotion and numbers make them tough to mess with.

6 The Aldecaldos Of The Badlands

The beloved Aldecaldos Of The Badlands. Many players adore this gang and its resident troublemaker Panam Palmer. While this gang only has around 500-600 members in the Night City area, it dominates a little part of the outskirts.

They love causing trouble to corporations and are usually willing to do most jobs if the person is willing to pay. They don’t hold a vast amount of land and aren’t typically interested in expanding into Night City which allows them to stay in the middle of the power ladder. That seems to suit them fine.

5 6th Street Of Santo Domingo

6th Street is a rather ironic group who became the thing they swore to destroy. Their military-style gang stood in and fought for justice when the NCPD refused to. However, in their attempts, they became self-righteous and selfless as they took over Santo Domingo.

Owning this amount of turf comes with a strong element of power as well as all the military training they possess. They have all the means to expand and take over more power and will more than likely attempt it. The scary thing is that they may just succeed with how ruthless they can be.

4 The Wraiths Of The Badlands

The Wraiths may not seem particularly powerful inside Night City, but outside, they are feared, respected, and avoided at all costs. Consisting of 300 – 1,200 members, this gang of exiled nomads roams the outskirts of the city causing terror and destruction in their wake with their violent raid parties.

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Although they aren’t prominent inside Night City, they almost own the entire outskirts and could certainly pack a punch if they chose to expand their turf. With their scary outfits and violent tendencies, they certainly don’t fly under the radar and many players have had some scary run-ins with this intimidating gang.

3  The Voodoo Boys Of Pacifica

Many gangs that skulk around Night City are vicious, violent, and often so teched up that they’re nearly impossible to kill. The Voodoo Boys are the opposite. They’re hackers and netrunners which, in a world as tech-orientated as this, is beyond dangerous.

They may seem under the surface but if they so desired, and put all their skills together, it would be devastating for all gangs, corporations, and civilians since their opportunities are essentially endless. They could hack into information, install malware into a human being and cause all amounts of devastation. Ultimately, for V, the Voodoo Boys aren’t the biggest threat, but this gang wields more power than many think.

2 Maelstrom Of Northside

Maelstrom is the more reputable and feared gang in the game. They dominate most of Watson and seem to have a hand in almost every job V takes part in. Their name is mentioned more times than anyone could count since they run most operations in Night City and that’s all because they are just so deadly and feared by anyone living in that odd and run-down city.

Maelstrom are one of the most powerful gangs in the game and are certainly tough to deal with even with a population of around 1,300. They are techno-loving machines who implant their bodies with powerful and illegal cyberware, often making them quick, deadly, and almost unstoppable. If this gang wanted to take over Night City, many would probably just let them.

1 The Tyger Claws Of Westbrook

This may come as a surprise that the Tyger Claws are the most powerful gang in Cyberpunk 2077, but the biggest tell-tale sign is who they get funded by. First of all, they’re a gang of around 5,500 deadly trained assassins. Secondly, they own Westbrook, Japantown, Charter Hill, Watson, Kabuki, and Little China. Thirdly, they are funded by the one and only Arasaka!

Being a gang funded by the biggest company in the country is an insane boost to power, especially since they get access to military-grade weapons, data, and top jobs that cause their power to increase rapidly. The Tyger Claws fly under the radar but are incredibly powerful. Once you mess with them, you have the entire gang and an entire company ready to make this day your last.

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