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Nearly all open-world games have an array of weapons for the player to choose from. Most of these are some form of conventional weapon – a firearm of some kind. Cyberpunk 2077, on the other hand, has a selection of smart weapons the player can use. So what are smart weapons? In Cyberpunk 2077, smart weapons are capable of being directly interfaced by the player via a Smart Link from a Ripperdock.

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With a Smart Link, the auto-targeting feature of the smart weapons is unlocked and shots fired from these items seek out the target. The trade-off for this increased accuracy is a decrease in damage, but honestly, losing a little damage in order to score a hit with every shot is not much of a penalty. One last thing, the DPS (damage per second) and damage per shot listed here may be different than what your copy of these weapons show; in fact, there are reports of weapon stats changing over time for no reason.

10 Divided We Stand

Divided We Stand is an iconic smart assault rifle. It deals 355.1 DPS (damage per second), with a base damage of 26-32. This rifle can fire six shots per round and target up to five enemies simultaneously. In addition, Divided We Stand does electrical damage with a chance of poisoning.

The problem with this weapon is that its standard magazine only holds 30 rounds; consequently, at six rounds per second, it runs out of ammo very quickly. Divided We Stand is a better version of the Nokota D5 Sidewinder.

9 Skippy

Skippy is a variant of the HJKE-11 Yukimura pistol. It has a lower DPS (423.0) than the HJKE-11 and deals slightly less per individual shot (41-51). Skippy has a few good aspects, but also a few really annoying aspects. There are two firing modes: “Puppy-Loving Pacifist” and “Stone Cold Killer.”

The pacifist setting makes shots aim for the limbs of the target, while the killer setting aims for the head. Choose the opposite of the setting you wish to use long-term. This weapon has an erratic A.I. and can do things you don’t want it to – like intentionally miss.

8 HJKE-11 Yukimura

This smart pistol comes with several bonuses that make it actually worth using instead of a type of gun that generally does more damage and has a faster rate of fire – like an assault rifle. The HJKE-11 has a DPS of 501.8 as well as an increased chance to score a critical hit.

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It can also deal extra chemical, thermal, electrical, and physical damage; this makes the HJKE-11 effective against most enemy types. There is another variant of the HJKE-11, aside from Skippy, called Genjiroh. It is included in this entry because it isn’t that much different from the standard HJKE-11. The thermal and chemical damage is replaced with shock damage and an increase in critical damage.

7 A-22B Chao

The A-22B Chao is another smart pistol; there are actually two of these that can be found in the game. This weapon has a DPS of 501.8, which is the same as the HJKE-11; however, the A-22B is the better weapon.

For starters, it has more mods slots and can be reloaded much quicker than the HJKE-11. The A-22B has a chance of dealing additional thermal, chemical, physical, and critical damage. The only aspect in which the HJKE-11 is better is its rate of fire. Considering it’s a smart weapon, and nearly every shot will hit, a faster rate of fire doesn’t help as much as it would in a convention (non-smart) weapon.

6 DB-4 Palica

The DB-4 Palica is a smart double-barreled shotgun that looks more like a miniature rocket launcher. This weapon has a DPS of 527.5 and its damage per shot is 39-48. If this shotgun made use of a magazine to hold spare shells it would have been higher on this list, but it must be reloaded after every shot.

Shots from this gun deal extra thermal and have a chance of causing burn damage. Here’s how a conflict typically goes when using the DB-4; encounter a group of enemies, pull the trigger, encounter over. As good as the DB-4 Palica is, the L-69 Zhuo is the better choice for a smart shotgun.

5 Yinglong (Tao G-58 Dian)

This entry will include both the Tao G-58 Dian and its variant, the Yinglong. Both are submachine guns that have a DPS of 544.4 (at 7 attacks per second), and their individual shots deal 26-32 points of damage. The base G-58 has as many as four mod slots and can also come with extra bonuses, such as bleeding or thermal damage.

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The Yinglong comes with an additional feature over the standard G-58 Dian – it deals electrical damage and shots fired from it have a chance of emitting an EMP upon impact. This makes Yinglong especially useful against any foes using electronics.

4 TKI-20 Shingen

The TKI-20 Shingen is a submachine gun and the best automatic smart gun in the game, except for its prototype variant. It boasts a DPS 557.6, has a rate of fire of 4.5 shots per second, and the ability to target up to four enemies simultaneously.

This weapon can have additional bonuses such as physical and bleeding damage, as well as an increased chance to land a critical hit. The TKI-20 also comes with as many as four mod slots. This weapon is so powerful and easy to use that a player can win fights win their eyes closed.

3 Ba Xing Chong (L-69 Zhuo)

The L-69 Zhuo is a smart shotgun with a limited magazine of four shells. The L-69’s DPS is 525.8, while the Ba Xing Chong’s DPS is 705.5. Both guns can target up to eight enemies simultaneously and hit each target; this makes the L-69 a great choice for large groups of enemies.

All shots fired can also be focused on one target to cause massive damage. This makes it also good for quickly clearing small groups of enemies. The Ba Xing Chong has the benefit of firing explosive shells. This makes it more of a grenade launcher capable of launching up to eight grenades at once.

2 Tsunami Ashura

The Tsunami Ashura is the only smart sniper rifle in the game. Sniper rifles are a one-shot-one-kill type of weapon in most games. They still are in Cyberpunk 2077, but now there is a one-shot-one-kill weapon that shoots bullets that actually seek out their target.

The Ashura’s DPS is an astounding 850.8. The down-side is that this weapon has a very low fire rate – making it unsuitable for medium and short-range encounters. This weapon also comes with as many as four mod slots (depending on its rarity) and possible bonuses of extra chemical, electrical, thermal, or physical damage.

1 Prototype Shingen Mark V

The Prototype Shingen Mark V is a variant of the TKI-20 Shingen submachine gun. This prototype has a DPS that is comparable to the base TKI-20 and the same number of shots per second. The major difference between the prototype and the base model is that the prototype fires explosive rounds.

The Ba Xing Chong made #3 on this list for being able to fire at as many as eight targets simultaneously with explosive rounds. The Mark V can only target three enemies at a time, but it’s basically an automatic grenade launcher with a standard magazine of thirty rounds. This weapon shreds entire groups of enemies in mere seconds and will be a nightmare during multiplayer matches.

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