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Choosing between the four cyberware weapons is a real task in Cyberpunk 2077. Each one has a function that they do better than the others, so it’s perfectly legitimate for a player to love even the “worst” weapon because that item happens to be the best be for their build. They all feel unique and are rewarding to master, even as the game tends to reward a more traditional weapon layout featuring assault rifles and baseball bats.

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But there is still a general consensus about which cyberware weapons are the best and which ones are less than ideal. While the ones at the bottom might be good in a pinch, the ones toward the top are worth making a build around. And that’s really saying something considering the plethora of choices to go on the offensive in Night City with. So which “arms” are the best of the best? See how they rank when push comes to shove.

4 Monowire

Among all of these weapons, perhaps none embodies the unknown world of Cyberpunk 2077 as much as the monowire. It’s quite literally technology unleashed and players can go from unarmed to holding a whip with an astounding range in an instant.

The monowire is technically a blunt weapon, but it also has a bleed effect like a sharp weapon, so by using it, gamers can get the best part of both worlds if they’ve chosen to invest in the appropriate Street Brawler perks.

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The chance to decapitate is a nice touch, too. Though it might delight those who enjoy gore, it has a very practical application by adding a chance to automatically kill an enemy when V’s blows would ordinarily allow the target to survive. Even the iconic weapons of Cyberpunk 2077 can’t boast of such an instant death chance.

So why is it so low on the list? The monowire requires time to change in order to do its highest amount of damage. This is time that players will rarely find at all as enemies swarm them and it’s hard not to recommend any of the iconic pistols instead of the monowire for general combat usage.

3 Mantis Blades

The game has a few iconic melee weapons, but it’s hard to argue that any of them are more “iconic” than the mantis blades. They were featured in the trailer, for goodness’ sake! And they’re somehow better than advertised in actual practice.

They are instant death machines. Even the best side jobs turn into steamroller events as V kills each target with a fully charged strike. The death animations are graphic, but make the player feel all the more like a beast as enemies are lifted off the ground and tossed aside like ragdolls.

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And that’s not all! Positioning is a huge weakness for most melee weapons, but the mantis blades actually propel V forward when using them. They can be used offensively and will kill all but the highest-threat targets upon landing. Or they can be used defensively to escape.

They’d be higher on the list if they did a bit more damage. And the slow kill animation, while gratifying, leaves V in some precarious situations. Listening to the great radio stations advertise guns will make a mantis blade user a little jealous.

2 Gorilla Arms

Players can make a number of mistakes that ruin their playthrough, but if they go with the gorilla arms, they might find that the only thing ruined are the obstacles intended to keep the player in. Gorilla arms have advantages in a variety of situations.

V can rip open locked doors with these babies. That might seem like a small deal, but consider that the game gives out very few perk points. This means that even players who don’t use the gorilla arms in combat will love these because they won’t have to get points in an attribute they don’t need to open a passage.

And these things hit hard. Strong attacks will send enemies flying even without any charges. Regular attacks charge up the strong attack, so the gameplay loop is user-friendly; simply strong attack an enemy onto the floor, use regular attacks to kill him before he gets up, then repeat the cycle on the next guy.

It would be a shame not to mention that the gorilla arms allow players to rip out a turret and use its ridiculously powerful gun to waste nearby enemies. Gangs from the worst to the best will all fall indiscriminately to their turret being used against them.

1 Projectile Launch System

Some of the technology in Cyberpunk 2077 is something that people today could see realistically soon. But if the Projectile Launch System is on that list, then the world is in some real trouble, because this is incredibly destructive.

First off, there is a homing feature on this weapon. This differs from a smart weapon, which will automatically angle projectiles to increase the likelihood of them landing. Rather, this will actually land each launched slug to the closest target V is aiming at. This includes innocent bystanders, so look out for friendly fire!

So it’s already better than every smart weapon in the game in terms of aim, how does it do when it comes to damage? It’s a rocket launcher. There are builds to make this weapon do one-hit kills on everything in the game including bosses.

And that’s even on the hardest difficulty. That’s not even a joke. The other cyberware competitors put up a good fight, but this is likely the best weapon in the game with the right build, so what chance did they really ever have?

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