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Even though Cyberpunk 2077 was released seemingly far before it was ready, the clunky game is saved by a select few traits. The characters make for one of the most real and unique experiences in any game, most of which are hidden among the sea of random missions players have to sift through.

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While that doesn’t make for an ideal journey through Cyberpunk, it does make finding the best quests all the more special. Taking the player by surprise and breaking up the chaos of bouncing from car chase to tech support, these side quests will make braving the storm worth it by really delivering where it counts.

Warning: May contain spoilers for Cyberpunk 2077, including choice options.

5 Bloodsport, The Watson Gigs

Even though the main draw of the Cyberpunk world is futuristic chaos, nothing beats the thrill of an old school fight, especially when it’s in reference to Bloodsport. Players will have to help a short-sighted character get his coach back from the Tyger Claw Gym where he’s been kidnapped, it turns out ignoring your debts doesn’t just make the problem go away.

Players will have to rescue the now kidnapped coach from the Dojo without tripping any alarms. While the mission gives players the option to play it out like a ninja, those opting to dive into the action can storm ahead as that part of the mission is completely optional. Taking the action-packed route requires V to fight their way in and out of the dojo all while dragging the coach along.

4 Riders On The Storm, Panam Romance Quests

Not only is this one of the lengthier side jobs available, but it also includes different objectives that break up the repetition that comes along with most jobs. It’s also necessary if V wants to romance Panam, one of the most interesting side characters in the game and fan favorite.

Panam will call the player after 12 in-game hours pass and ask to meet her at the Aldecaldo’s camp. From there it’s a stealth mission, requiring V to enter into an enemy camp, scout it out, and locate a hostage who happens to be Saul – the leader of the Aldecados. Moving forward, it’s a maintenance game, followed by V’s opportunity to romance Panam. If they say the right things, it could lead to a bit of fun. In the next morning, when all is said and done, don’t be too hasty to get out of there. Wait until there’s a chance to talk about last night before grabbing the deserved reward. That is, if you want extra points with Panam, of course.

3 I Fought The Law, River Ward Romance Quests

Once the player has unlocked this quest, they’ll get a call from Elizabeth Peralez, taking the player into one of the deepest side quests in the game. It starts by diving into the investigation of a suspected assassin. V must delve through Braindance files to retrieve information, which eventually leads them to Detective River Ward.

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From here, it’s a case of taking out shady characters and slowly sinking deeper into the corrupted, intricate underworld of the police force. The story leads characters to doubt their choices and sends V down a rabbit hole, all while delivering a fantastic setting with interesting, world-building details to look out for. If V decides to take on this quest, they should pay attention, as it will connect to many other side quests later in the game, setting up one of the great plots in the title.

2 Dream On, A Branching Story From River Ward

Continuing on from “I Fought The Law”, this quest will be one of choices. They won’t affect the main storyline, but they are important, nonetheless, for the future of Night City. V starts out by investigating the Peralez’s break-in, searching their apartment and coming across some seriously creepy evidence, including a blood trail.

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Following the clues will lead into hostile territory. Upon the discovery of a secret room within their penthouse, V finds a surveillance van outside the penthouse that’s receiving data from the Peralez’s. V must track it down and jack into the van to gather information. Needless to say what’s eventually found is very disturbing, even more so when the player reports back to Elizabeth. It turns out, Mrs. Paralez had a feeling something strange was going on, and chooses to hide it from her husband. He’s dealing with enough, thanks to the mayoral election. The final choice will be whether to tell him the truth or not. Either way, the entire quest is left shrouded in mystery but offers handsome rewards.

1 There Is A Light That Never Goes Out, A Branching Story From “Sinnerman”

The Sinnerman quest will have to be completed before starting this one, and for good reason. Players will escort a prisoner, Joshua Stephenson, to a seemingly random house – one that’s owned by the sister of Stephenson’s murder victim. The prisoner is on a mission to redeem himself through participating in a mass-marketed martyr execution for a Braindance production.

This quest is littered with philosophical mysteries that will make the player question their own religious or spiritual beliefs through the choices of a convicted felon. CD Projekt Red pulls this off quite well with spot on writing. This will all end in having to make a choice between accepting a bribe to leave the felon to be manipulated by the producer or talking some sense to him. It’s one of the rare occasions that Johnny Silverhand will have a heavy opinion on the matter, making the choices even more difficult to navigate.

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