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Cyberpunk 2077 is a game that’s as decisive as it comes. A lot of people found it decent enough, while others found the game’s issues absolutely inexcusable. Despite the mixed reception, Cyberpunk 2077 did manage to pull off a couple of decent elements like story and world-building.

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Everything about Cyberpunk 2077 and Night City and its inhabitants is massively interesting. The game also managed to garner a massive player base, mainly due to the popularity of CD Projekt Red, the studio behind the game. Since its release, many have started putting forth their own theories about the game. A few of the theories may seem far-fetched, but a lot of them are also incredibly well-thought-out and sensible that one can be forgiven for wanting those theories to be true.

10 Adam Smasher Allowed V To Live

The climax of the game’s prologue, and quite frankly one of the most intense moments in the game, is the mission to infiltrate Yorinobu Arasaka‘s penthouse. The mission quickly goes awry, however, and V and Jackie are forced to hide in a narrow server room when Yorinobu arrives at the penthouse unexpectedly.

Accompanying Yorinobu is his trusted bodyguard Adam Smasher. If the players have the Threat Detector mod equipped during this mission, they can clearly see that Adam Smasher has detected their presence. He even looks directly at them. It is unknown whether this was an error on the dev’s part, or Adam Smasher really allowed them to live to satisfy his morbid curiosity.

9 Night City Is Nothing More Than A Simulation

Putting the real-world into perspective, of course, Night City is a simulation. It is nothing more than a video game, after all. However, looking inwards and taking the game itself into account, there is a possibility that the entire game is indeed just happening within a simulation.

This would explain the mindlessness and the lack of life in the environment. Everything feels very monotonous and scripted, and that’s because it’s just a simulation playing itself out. Of course, this could also mean that the game is just buggy and that’s why the game feels lifeless. At this point, many are inclined to believe the former assumption.

8 Ghost Cat

According to the lore of the game, there are no animals in Night City. Owning a pet in this world is incredibly expensive, and other animals were eradicated to prevent the spread of disease. Despite this, there is a cat in the game that follows the players around like an unseen cloud. The interesting thing is, the very same cat also appears even if the player is controlling Johnny Silverhand during events set in the past.

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This same cat can be found underwater, right beside a crashed car. It is theorized that this cat is a ghost that follows V around. It died alongside its owner in a car crash, and now their bodies lie on the ocean floor.

7 NPCs Jumping Off Buildings Theory

Night City, with all of its glamour and extravagance, is widely considered to be the most dangerous place on Earth in this world. It is filled with dangerous gangs, fearless mercenaries, corrupt officials, and powerful megacorporations. With that in mind, seeing people off themselves in a world like this, while tragic, is ultimately unsurprising.

A lot of people believe that NPCs jumping off buildings is simply a bug, but this seems to be an actual feature in the game. There are even theories that these mass suicides are linked to a hidden organization.

6 The True Identity Of Mr. Blue Eyes

Mr. Blue Eyes is one of the most elusive and enigmatic characters in Cyberpunk 2077. As the players encounter him more and more, he only becomes more and more mysterious.

A lot of people believe that Mr. Blue Eyes works, or heads a secretive organization associated with rogue AIs. It is also believed that they’re responsible for the mass suicides occurring in Night City. As for Mr. Blue Eyes himself, a lot of people believe that he’s the proxy of Morgan Blackhand, a legendary solo who used to work with Johnny Silverhand back in the day. If this is true, then that means Mr. Blue Eyes is more significant to the lore of the game than initially believed.

5 V’s Fate In Six Months

Cyberpunk 2077 has multiple endings the players can explore. However, all of them will have one thing in common: V will die in six months’ time. Regardless of who V aligns with or what their decision is, this is a fact that will remain constant.

However, it is known that the game is going to have a DLC. It is highly possible that those will end with V’s actual death. However, it is also believed that V will find a way to save himself. He will either become a construct or will find a way to survive while compromising his humanity.

4 Johnny’s Flashbacks Aren’t Accurate

During a lot of Johnny’s flashbacks, Johnny is portrayed as a bonafide badass. In the end, he managed to storm Arasaka HQ almost by himself. However, those familiar with the backstory of the world know that another legendary solo was with him. That person is Morgan Blackhand.

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Despite this, Blackhand is nowhere to be found in these flashbacks. It’s believed that Johnny is an unreliable narrator and his memories are altered to suit his ego best. This is why he believes he single-handedly brought down Arasaka HQ, why he managed to recruit Rogue so easily, and why he thought Alt was captured because of him, even though Alt was a highly sought-after netrunner.

3 Ciri Has Visited Night City

One of the most popular theories about the game, which garnered widespread attention even way before the game’s release, was the idea that Ciri from The Witcher 3 has visited Night City in one of her world-jumping adventures.

In The Witcher 3, Ciri recounts visiting a world with people who wear metal in their heads, waged war from a distance, and flying ships, which perfectly describes Night City. Cyberpunk 2077 was already an idea during the development of The Witcher 3, so it’s not far-fetched to believe that Ciri is describing Night City here.

2 Militech Was Originally Going To Play A Major Role

Militech is a megacorporation that has a reputation, power, and resources equal to that of Arasaka Corporation. They are Arasaka’s main rivals and they are a major part of the lore of Cyberpunk. However, in this game, their role is very minimal.

There are those who believe that Militech originally played a key role in the game’s story, but they were ultimately cut. Blocked off Militech buildings and dropped plot points associated with Militech are pieces of evidence of this theory. It is believed that Militech’s major role was cut so they can be highlighted in a DLC, or a sequel—if it’ll ever happen.

1 Rogue Worked With Arasaka After Johnny Disappeared

Rogue Amendiares is one of Johnny Silverhand’s most trusted allies during the height of his time as an anti-corpo figure. Rogue was with him when he infiltrated Arasaka HQ, and it is even revealed that they had a romantic relationship in the past.

After Johnny disappeared, though, Rogue stopped going after the corpos and made a name for herself as the best fixer in Night City. During the ending where Johnny asks for Rogue’s help, it is highly implied that Rogue sold out to Arasaka and the other corpos after Johnny’s disappearance. This is why she survived and strived while the others either died or disappeared. This also seems to be the “secret” Grayson knows about Rogue.

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