Complete Rainbow Six Siege Rainbow is Magic 2021 Event Breakdown

April Fools may have come and gone, but the jokes aren’t quite done yet. This year’s Rainbow Six Siege special event is still ongoing, giving players a whole new look at Ubisoft’s tactical FPS. The Rainbow Is Magic (Again) event will run from March 30th to April 6th, and is available to all Rainbow Six Siege players.

The April Fools-themed event first appeared in Rainbow Six Siege two years ago. 2019’s The Rainbow Is Magic ran only for a limited time, but was extended due to its popularity. Now it’s back as The Rainbow Is Magic (Again), giving players another chance to earn its unique skin collection. Here’s our complete breakdown of the event and how to participate.

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Although The Rainbow Is Magic was a limited-time event during Rainbow Six Siege‘s Operation Burnt Horizon expansion, its return is a little more substantial. The Rainbow Is Magic (Again) is now a proper Arcade game-mode, which is accessible to all players from the main menu. The event is officially a part of Operation Crimson Heist, the twentieth expansion for Rainbow Six Siege.

The Rainbow is Magic takes place on a modified version of Rainbow Six Siege‘s Presidential Plane map, known as Air Cute One. The map features a complete visual overhaul, taking place as a toy set in a version of the Kid’s Bedroom from the House map. To fit this theme, eight of the twelve Operators available for the event have Toy Soldier models.

The other four Operators, Montagne, Smoke, Blackbeard, and Tachanka, each have their own unique skins. All of these skins are pink and toy-themed, including cat ears for Smoke and a rainbow visor for Tachanka. Because Tachanka has been reworked since the original The Rainbow Is Magic, he now sports a pink and rainbow-themed DP27 for his new primary weapon.

The overhaul of the Presidential Plane map in The Rainbow is Magic (Again) isn’t purely aesthetic. The intro music has been replaced by a music box theme, and a cheery, feminine storybook narrator takes the place of the usual commentator. Soft Walls explode into confetti when shot, which also appears when Blackbear’s Rifle-Shield is destroyed.

The Rainbow Is Magic (Again) is a Hostage-type map, and the hostage has been replaced by a man in a smiley bear suit. In addition, environmental fog and blood caused by shooting Operators or the Hostage is given a colorful tint. Attacking drones have been given a makeover too, with pink cat faces and pink lights instead of red.

There are also some special interactive elements in the The Rainbow Is Magic (Again) map. The smiling flower decals on the walls can be damaged, causing them to lose their petals and cry loudly. The few radios on the Presidential Plane map play cheery music, which can be silenced if they are destroyed. Finally, there are a few gift boxes scattered around the map. Damaging gift box with any of Rainbow Six Siege’s weapons will cause a bear to appear and deliver a voice line.

As with the other Rainbow Six Siege events, Rainbow Is Magic (Again) features special limited-time Alpha Packs, giving players a chance to earn unique Headgear, Uniforms, Weapon Skins, and Charms. There are 21 total pieces in the Rainbow Is Magic Alpha Pack Collection, with no duplicates awarded.

In addition, players can also purchase Operator Bundles in Rainbow Six Siege‘s latest event. There are four of these bundles, one each for the four Operators with unique skins in Rainbow Is Magic. Each bundle contains a Headgear, Uniform, two Weapon Skins, and a Charm themed around one of the Operators. These bundles cost 2160 R6 credits, and can be bought along with the Alpha Packs from the in-game store.

Rainbow Six Siege is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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