Code Vein: 10 Best Weapons (& Their Most Compatible Blood Code)

Code Vein‘s approach to action RPG elements makes for a fun experience where players can customize their playstyle based on the types of equipment they wear. Weapons all have unique move sets depending on their weapon type, and players can make the experience even more personalized with blood codes.

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Blood codes change a player’s stats, moves, and sometimes even the way they roll. Managing blood codes to learn new skills while tailoring them to the armor and weapons equipped is essential in making an effective character in Code Vein. The key to this is experimenting and trying out different combinations until the desired effect is shown.

10 Sunset Sword And Prometheus

With every action RPG, players have to start somewhere, and as far as starting points go, this combination is as powerful as it gets. Both the sword and the blood code are available pretty early on in the game and can work effectively for a long time.

The Sunset Sword has great starting damage and stats, at the cost of worse than normal scaling. In the early game, low scaling isn’t a big deal because the stats aren’t high enough to make a big difference. The Prometheus blood code improves dexterity and strength so it works perfectly with this one-handed sword.

9 Impulse Anchor And Atlas

While not the best hammer in terms of damage or speed, the Impulse Anchor is the most well-rounded that can do crush and pierce damage. Being able to do multiple types of damage in this game is a strong ability most heavy weapons don’t have, especially hammers. This provides an advantage against crush-resistant enemies.

The Atlas blood code allows players to focus on tank-style gameplay, players with this code can equip more equipment than with other codes. Mixing the heavy damage potential of the hammer with high defense makes for an unstoppable juggernaut of a character.

8 Black Halberd And Queenslayer

Queenslayer is one of the most versatile blood codes because of its wide range of skills and great boosts to useful stats. This blood code works best with one-handed weapons and while halberds are in a way two-handed, the abilities still work just fine.

Combining these two makes for a build that can deal a lot of damage to a single enemy quickly or a decent spread of damage to multiple enemies at once. Making use of this versatility makes mobs of enemies easy to handle, and bosses no issue to dispose of. The Black Halberd is a light halberd with slash and pierce capabilities, making it useful in almost any battle.

7 Libertador And Queen

Bayonets are extremely powerful weapons in Code Vein, which is pretty unusual for action RPGs as ranged weapons are normally weak. The special bayonet Libertador sacrifices range for extra damage and pairs well with the Queen blood code. Queen allows players to deal more damage and wear heavier equipment than other ranged blood codes. This is a great addition since Libertador means players will have to take more hits at a closer range.

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Queen also increases Willpower and Mind, great stats for more versatility in special skills. Combining these things with gifts that buff ranged shots like Blood Sacrifice can make for a truly unique Code Vein experience since ranged combat is only really possible with a bayonet.

6 Brodiaea and Harmonia

This combination is pretty straightforward for a sniper type of build. Brodiaea isn’t the strongest bayonet but it has the best range and second-best damage potential. If playing at a range is preferred, this build is the way to go. Brodiaea with similar skills and gifts to Libertador makes for a more specialized build that puts emphasis on blasting the enemy from afar and not even worrying a bit about melee.

For this combination, it is important to use mobility-based skills. Improving mobility makes it harder for enemies to close the gap between them and the character. Skills like Swift Destruction can go a long way in buffing damage and speed.

5 Zweihander and Atlas

Two-handed swords in Code Vein are at a level above almost any other weapon class, and the Zweihander is one of the best of them. Combining it with the Atlas blood code makes for an extremely powerful combination that tanks through hits and deals massive damage.

The best part about putting the two together is that players can use the Atlas abilities to add anti-stagger options to their attacks. Since the Zweihander has a long startup on its attacks, it’s important to be able to keep swinging even while getting hit. Atlas isn’t available until later in the game so there are alternatives to apply until this option is usable, but it’s definitely one of the strongest endgame combinations.

4 Iceblood and Harmonia

If players want to take an unusual route and aim for a dark mage type build, certain one-handed swords and Harmonia can take them a long way. Using Harmonia will boost willpower and mind, which improves any spells cast. Iceblood is the recommended sword because of its decent scaling of Mind and Willpower, which most swords don’t have.

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To improve the efficacy of this even more, upgrade the weapon to a devour type so that ichor regenerates with melee attacks. It isn’t possible to create a casting only build so some attacking will be necessary, which is why this sword is recommended. If the enemies are resistant to ice, using a fire weapon will achieve the same effect and scale similarly.

3 Judgement Edge and Hades

Hades has some of the best strength scaling out of any blood code in the game, so it works well for hard-hitting builds. Using Hades with a strength weapon like Judgment Edge makes for a one-shot build with unparalleled damage potential. Players use this combination with damage boosting abilities to play like a rogue character, assassinating enemies from behind.

Upgrading critical hit damage and chances is also recommended, to make the most out of this build since it’ll guarantee killing more enemies in a single strike. Lastly, upgrading Judgement Edge with an Atlas Chrome will help add even more overall damage.

2 Argent Wolf Poleaxe And Scout

The Argent Wolf Poleaxe is the best dexterity spear weapon in the game and works well with dexterity blood codes focused on movement. Luckily, Scout is just that. Scout is an ichor heavy blood code so it’s important to keep that in mind for boss fights. During normal levels though, Scout is amazing because of its boosts to damage per second and movement capabilities.

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This combination is more niche than others and isn’t as useful in general situations but can really shine with the right combination of skills and gifts. Players should try to equip Swift Destruction, which buffs damage for being quick, and anything that can help regain ichor because it’s needed to make the synergy work well.

1 Huge Hammer And Fionn

This combination is the pinnacle of a juggernaut build because of a gift that Fionn has. The Red Shoes ability allows players to keep swinging and attacking even after they’ve run out of stamina. This means if they manage to stagger an enemy, they can continue to wail on it until it attacks back. The Huge Hammer has a special combo that allows for a large number of overhead attacks, complementing Red Shoes perfectly.

This build is very niche and leaves things to be desired in the way of defense, but its offensive capabilities are insane. Combining special blood code abilities with unique weapon attacks is what this game is all about, and this combo demonstrates that perfectly.

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