Capcom Reveals Monster Hunter Rise Goss Harag Gameplay

Yesterday, Capcom held a digital event to reveal more info regarding both Monster Hunter Rise and Monster Hunter Stories 2. Both games received a new trailer revealing more of the roster of monsters. Today, however, Capcom held another live event that consisted of an overview of the game, a Q&A with director Yasunori Ichinose, and a full hunt of Goss Harag.

The hunt itself also served as somewhat of an overview of Monster Hunter Rise as it showed off various elements that have been spoken about before. The hunt takes place in the Frost Islands area of Monster Hunter Rise, and like in Monster Hunter World there are two other monsters roaming around the area, those being Lagombi, the rabbit-like monster, and Tetranadon, the kappa inspired monster.

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Goss Harag was shown to be a mostly physical fighter, but with a few ice beam-style attacks at his disposal. Additionally, this gameplay demo showed that Goss Harag will apply its ice blade to both of its arms occasionally. The hunter in the gameplay demo was hunting with a charge blade which is one of the more, if not the most, complex weapons in the Monster Hunter series. This was a pretty faithfully represented in the demo, as the hunter missed or was hit during attacks fairly frequently.

That said, the hunter still managed to pull off several of the more damaging moves in the charge blade’s arsenal including one of the newly announced switch attacks. This attack, called Condensed Spinning Slash has the shield of the charge blade start spinning before coming down on the monster and switching the blade into axe mode. Another silkbind attack, called Axe Hopper, previously seen in past trailers, was used and saw the hunter pull themselves into the air with a wirebug before coming down on the monster with an elemental discharge while in axe form.

The hunter also showed off a clever use of the endemic life found throughout the area. The stinkmink is one such form of endemic life and causes monsters to follow the hunter. In the middle of the hunt, the player used the stinkmink to lure the Goss Harag to where the Lagombi was.

Once the two monsters were in the same area, they started fighting. When monsters do this in Monster Hunter Rise, monsters can be downed and then mounted for the new wyvern riding mechanic. The player in the demo waited for Goss Harag to down Lagombi and then they rode Lagombi and used it to attack Goss Harag.

Additionally, while many of the attributes of the palamutes have been shown off since the announcement of the game, not much about what the palicos can do has been revealed beyond their healing bubble ability in the demo. One more support ability was shown off in this demo, in which the palico planted a tree that the hunter can use to create a healing mist in the area, similar to the health booster in Monster Hunter World.

Monster Hunter Rise will be released on Switch on March 26, 2021 and on PC in 2022.

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