Capcom Made Staff Work On-Site Following Cyber Attack, Alleges New Report

Capcom Logo

Despite a few rough years, Japanese publisher Capcom seems to be back on top with strong earning reports thanks to focus on their core titles like Resident Evil and Monster Hunter. Now, though, it seems a new report has emerged that paints the company in a less than flattering light. Due to some extreme circumstances, there are allegations that Capcom put their staff in a tough spot.

As reported by Business Journal Japan and then translated and transcribed thanks to Kotaku, anonymous sources within the company said that despite the declaration of emergency from the Japanese government due to COVID, which included a specific request to have employees work remotely, Capcom largely pushed workers to work on-site. The main reason for this was the recent cyber attack that ended up being much worse than expected. The company, or at least its consumers, also seem to be part of another ongoing attack of emails about fake early access invite to Resident Evil Village. Employees who refused to comply where alleged said to face restrictions or placed on standby with no work, putting their job security at unease.

Capcom did respond to the report and, while not denying anything outright, did state that they did practice measures such as social distancing and taking temperatures for each employee. We’ll keep you updated if more news come out.