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Call of Duty Mobile is full of unique cosmetics, giving players hundreds of ways to customize their characters, weapons, and profiles. The latest Call of Duty Mobile pack focuses on vehicles, however, and it gives players some bright pink camo patterns that are fitting of the Valentine’s Day season.

The pack features several anime designs, which is hardly a first for the Call of Duty series. One of the most popular skins for the Mara operator from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare gave her some cat ears, while several camo patterns in the shop carried on the tradition of anime. With Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War also having a purple tracer pack with anime patterns, it makes sense that Call of Duty Mobile would have them as well.

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With the goal of getting players to “blush and crush,” the crate redesigns the vehicles of Call of Duty Mobile’s battle royale mode. A pink helicopter depicts an anime character with white hair on its side, with even the chopper’s blades getting a color redesign to match the theme. Motorcycles get the same treatment, with shades of pink and red covering the speedy vehicle — and the same unknown anime girl making an appearance. Two of the game’s transport vehicles, a boat and a truck, are given the same recoloring.

The final Call of Duty Mobile camouflage in the pack is for tanks, with the deadly vehicles looking exactly like the other recolored forms of transport seen in the pack. Showing off the same red text and stylized character, but only larger, the tank pattern will likely join the helicopter as one of the main motivators for anime-lovers to buy this Valentine’s Day pack. With the vehicles all standing out clearly, the Sweet Valentine’s Crate will certainly not provide a gameplay advantage by keeping players hidden — though those that buy this collection of cosmetics likely want their pink vehicles to be easily seen.

The special crate arrives tomorrow, February 9, with no information shared on its price. For those who prefer Call of Duty Mobile’s infantry play, it remains to be seen if a separate pack will be added that gives the players access to a camo like this for their guns. With so much potential for Valentine’s Day cosmetics, though, such as a new Mythic weapon that covers a gun in roses, it would be surprising if TiMi Studios did not add any weapon skins for the game’s guns ahead of the romantic holiday.

For Call of Duty Mobile players less interested in special cosmetics and more into the on-the-go FPS for its gameplay, the debut of 3v3 Gunfight should prove exciting. Available on all of the game’s 2v2 maps as well as the recently added Reclaim location, players should have lots of fun with the mode.

Call of Duty Mobile is available now on Android and iOS mobile devices.

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