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The new Call of Duty: Mobile map of the season has been released as fans are introduced to Reclaim. This is the third original map from Call of Duty: Mobile, and it is a small map inside a mall with radioactive tents. The unique map presents some interesting gameplay opportunities, but fans have found problems scattered across the map’s design.

This map is a good close-quarters experience designed to encourage a more aggressive playstyle. With several vantage points, tight corners, and long sightlines, this game can be great for Call of Duty: Mobile shotgun and SMG fans looking to ambush enemies. Still, fans have done more than just explore, as members of the community found ways to glitch the map.

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Climbing out of the map is rather easy for players who know where to go. Call of Duty: Mobile fans hoping to glitch and take a peek under the mesh need to head to the attacking side spawn. Once there, travel towards the wall with the “75% off” board, placing the player in Coffeehouse. Once there, players need to deploy a shield turret as close to the wall as possible and then hop on and face away from the wall. This should place players outside the map. Once there, players should be able to jump off the turret and then turn to place the Transform Shield close by. Once done, jump onto the shield and roam the outside of the map freely.

This trick is a good way to break the map but does not offer a competitive advantage. While areas of the map may appear to be there, the developer placed several spots where Call of Duty: Mobile fans can fall through the floor and die. Players are advised to use grenades and other throwables as a way to check if the ground is present or not.

It is important to note that Call of Duty: Mobile fans should not use this exploit for a game advantage. Attempts to do so can easily result in a ban, but the design of this glitch should prevent most interference naturally.

The new Call of Duty: Mobile map presents many different opportunities for players to experience the mobile shooter. Due to its design, it is best experienced with close-combat weaponry, which Call of Duty Mobile fans tend to thrive with. This is only one part of the new Season 1 content, and so far, fans are receiving the update with a fairly positive outlook.

Call of Duty: Mobile is available on iOS and Android devices.

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