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Call of Duty Mobile has seen some incredible growth over the last year, pulling several maps and modes from past games while also introducing original creations. The latest Call of Duty Mobile mode should be familiar to fans of the most recent Call of Duty titles, as 3v3 Gunfight is coming soon.

Going by the name Face Off in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, the 3v3 variant of Gunfight sees two extra players added into the mix. Introduced partway through Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s life cycle, Face Off quickly grew in popularity, as it made 2v2 maps more chaotic. While the locations were already small, adding a third player allowed for all three of a map’s lanes to be used at the same time — adding a new dynamic to the mode’s gameplay.

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Call of Duty Mobile fans will be seeing the mode make its debut in the game very soon, as a post shared on the game’s official Twitter account confirms that it will be coming to the game tomorrow. The February 5 arrival of the mode is exciting, with the post confirming that the winner will be determined after one team is victorious in 6 rounds — keeping the count the same as it is in traditional Gunfight and other versions of Face Off.

Several maps will be available to Call of Duty Mobile’s Gunfight fans in 3v3 play. All of the game’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare remasters will be available, including Pine and King. Shipment is also part of the lineup, with the chaotic classic proving to be just as popular on the go as it is on a PC or console. The intense Gulag map will also be playable within the game’s 3v3 play, with the final two locations being comprised of Call of Duty Mobile’s fully original maps.

Cage will be playable in 3v3 Gunfight, with the construction site map being familiar to players who have stuck with the game for some time. Added back in March of 2020, the Season 4 map offers sightlines for every playstyle, making it a good fit for Gunfight. The other location being made available is the brand-new map Reclaim. While this would normally be a positive, players have reported that it is possible to break the map’s boundaries via a glitch, meaning that TiMi Studios will need to provide a fix before the location can be enjoyed properly.

Regardless, Gunfight has quickly become one of Call of Duty’s most popular modes, so it is great to see Call of Duty Mobile adding support for one of its most popular variants. With Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War seemingly getting gunfight tournaments soon as well, the future is looking bright for fans of the series’ 2v2 mode.

Call of Duty Mobile is available now on Android and iOS devices.

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