Bungie CM Pokes Fun at Those Who Call Destiny 2 a 'Dead Game'

This week, developer Bungie announced plans to expand the reach of its studio in a variety of ways. From the expansion of its existing home in Washington to hiring executives to pave the way for Destiny media outside of games, Bungie doesn’t show any signs of stopping. More importantly, this week’s announcement put to rest any concerns that Bungie might be leaving Destiny behind.

Shortly after the news, Bungie Community Manager Dylan “DMG” Gafner poked fun at how critics of Destiny and Destiny 2 like to use the term “dead game.” DMG Tweeted out his Twitter preferences menu where he has muted the term “dead game” forever.

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As one of Bungie’s Community Managers, Gafner has to hear feedback about Destiny from across its community, both good and bad. But while most of his replies are likely geared towards making Destiny better, some just want to pile on when the game is struggling. Now those people will have to find something else to say.

It’s no secret that Destiny has given its community a roller coaster of emotions and a lot of changes have occurred since the first game launched back in 2014. But any claims that Destiny is “dead” typically came from people who wanted to see the game fail, not necessarily anyone who had kept up with the goings-on within Bungie’s game.

Even at some of its lowest points, the daily player numbers for Destiny 2 have been surprisingly high, and many players typically return in droves whenever new content launches or a new season begins. Yes, content creators that used to make Destiny videos/streams have expanded to other games, but there are still plenty that log consistent hours within the game’s directory. Not to mention all of the charity work that the Destiny community has done over the years, like the annual Gaming Community Expo streams that have raised millions for St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital.

But amidst it all, there were still some thoughts that Destiny 2 might come to an end. Bungie has a new IP on the horizon and there were rumblings that it could eventually turn its focus towards that game and leave D2 behind. However, Bungie confirmed that Destiny 2 is here to stay and its studio footprint is only going to get larger.

This update is likely what Destiny 2 Assistant Director Joe Blackburn was referencing when he said that Destiny‘s best days are ahead of it. Even currently, the game is generating a positive reception thanks to its Season of the Chosen content. But beyond that there are at least two more major expansions, The Witch Queen and Lightfall, to look forward to.

Destiny 2 is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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