Breath Of The Wild: The Two Rings - Complete Walkthrough & Guide

The dungeons found in Breath of the Wild may not be as sprawling or impressive as in past titles, but what it lacks in large scale puzzles and long-winded dives into dark and dank caverns it makes up for with its newest iteration on the age-old means of progression in Zelda: the Shrines. With 120 of these dotted around the map, it’s very easy to miss a few if you aren’t actively looking for them.

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One Shrine that is easy to miss, however, is the Sheem Dagoze Shrine, which requires you to complete a side quest known as The Two Rings before you are allowed to enter and solve its riddle to earn the Spirit Orb held within.

The quest itself is fairly easy to find, as it is yet another that Kass will give Link after singing him yet another tale of adventure passed down by his mysterious master. The fastest way to get to this location is to warp to the Hyrule Field Tower, then head west past Giant’s Forest and to a bridge that crosses the northern fork of Regencia River. When Link is close to the bridge, Kass’ music should be able to be heard in the distance and he will become visible after the bridge has been crossed. To initiate the Two Rings side quest, simply talk to Kass and he will begin telling Link about the area.

After hearing Kass gush about his late teacher and how the song he is about to play for Link was the last he ever taught his protege, Kass will see that Link isn’t in the mood for nostalgic reminiscing and will play the song in question. Unlike the songs that Kass plays in the Champion’s Ballad DLC, this song is, thankfully, much shorter and won’t take up too much time in waiting for him to finish.

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He will sing to Link “When a single arrow threads two rings, the shrine will rise like birds on wings.”, before reminiscing on whether the rings in question refer to the strange rocks littered around the immediate area and contemplates what the Shrine the song refers to actually is. Naturally, the song does involve the strange rock formations in the area, and the obvious answer to the riddle is to get one arrow to pass through two separate rings.

Solving this puzzle is easier said than done and may take a few tries to actually thread one arrow through two rings at the same time. The Shrine won’t emerge unless the same arrow threads two rings in the same flight, so trying to cheese this Shrine puzzle won’t work. There is also only one place in the area that will allow Link to shoot an arrow through two rings at once, as every other formation is in the wrong positioning to allow it.  The correct location is found west of where Kass is standing, among the greater amount of rock formations close to the cliff edge. Find the ring that is atop a small outcrop and face due west, towards another ring that is hiding slightly behind a pillar similar to what Kass was standing on. The angle is a little awkward, but by getting as close to the ring as possible before shooting, the arrow should fly into the other ring and cause the Shrine to emerge. Crouching down before firing can also help get the correct angle, as the arrow might hit the top of the first ring if he isn’t low enough.

Once inside the Shrine, there is a fairly simple puzzle that needs completing before the gates to the Sheikah Monk and the Sprit Orb can be accessed. The general idea behind this puzzle is to get two orbs from the top of the puzzle to the bottom by using the two buttons on the upper platform to change the angle of the platforms the orbs will roll down. In order for the puzzle to be completed, there needs to be one orb on each side, which may take a few tries for the orb that needs to go on the left-hand side due to how much shifting needs to happen. Once both orbs are in place, the door will open and Link can finally take his prize.

Before Link leaves, the player should make sure they have taken the hidden chest in the Shrine as well, as it contains a weapon well worth taking. While it’s not readily apparent from the front angle view, the chest is hiding behind the main puzzle mechanism itself, which can be deduced due to a moving platform being seen between the two lower ramps. Simply glide down to the hidden chest to obtain a Great Thunderblade, then ride the platform back up to the upper level to grab the Spirit Orb and complete the Shrine.

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