Breath of the Wild Modders Make Skyward Sword Playable In-Game

The modding community for many of Nintendo’s main titles have had plenty of trouble in the past, especially since all of these games exist on consoles that need to be hacked in order for modding to even begin. However, some diligent modders have continued to push through to hack even the Switch to add new content to some of the system’s most popular games, including a recent Breath of the Wild mod that really pushes the limits of player-made content.

One of these modders, who goes by the online persona of Waikuteru, has taken to throwing a whole helping of previous Legend of Zelda content into Breath of the Wild‘s shinier new engine. The result is a fantastic recreation of the most recent instalment of the series before the Switch release being rebuilt with updated graphics and a more modern combat system.

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Using a few new tricks that are now available thanks to some of Breath of the Wild‘s DLC content, Waikuteru has been able to start recreating Skyward Sword within the newer game. So far, the modder has a completed Skyloft, the starting area from Skyward Sword, and a Bazaar that is run by a collection of different Koroks standing in as the merchant NPCs that would normally be there. However, it would appear that there are plans to continue working on this mod, especially if fans show some support to what has been shown off so far.

Interestingly, Waikuteru also shows off exactly how they were able to get the mod running, essentially taking a host of empty space that Nintendo left in the world after creating the Trial of the Sword DLC and filling it with new areas. As it turns out, there is an entirely new region, the same size as the base map that has been divided into eighty sections and is used to house the different areas where players jump in and out of the Trial of the Sword. Since Nintendo only used five of these areas the other seventy-five are available for Breath of the Wild modders to plug whatever they want to into that space, including the Skyward Sword map.

This new find and the ability to place objects within all of this empty space could be huge for the Zelda modding community. Seeing as this area has nearly as much open space to utilize as the base game, some modders might be able to make entirely new campaigns and dungeons with in Breath of the Wild. Then in the case of Waikuteru, there’s enough room here to recreate all of Skyward Sword if the modder is dedicated enough to build out the entirety of that previous world.

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