Bravely Default 2: 9 Things You Need To Know About Gloria

Not too long ago, Bravely Default II dropped on the Nintendo Switch. It is the third entry in the Bravely video game series and follows Bravely Second: End Layer which dropped on the Nintendo 3DS roughly six years ago. Bravely Second was a direct sequel to the original game Bravely Default, which also dropped on the Nintendo 3DS almost a decade ago. Bravely Default II features a whole new story, continent, and cast of captivating characters.

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This time around, the game takes place on the continent of Excillant and follows four main characters: Seth, Elvis, Adelle, and Gloria. She is introduced to the player as a mere refugee but she winds up as one of the four heroes of light. When it comes to Gloria, there is more than meets the eye.

9 Gloria Is A Princess

It may come as no surprise to the player upon first setting eyes upon Gloria that she is indeed a princess. She is not a princess in the derogatory sense, meaning a spoiled or arrogant young woman. No, she is genuinely the female ruler (or probably the daughter of a monarch) of a certain kingdom/country. Gloria’s status as royalty nature plays a heavy part in her identity and backstory.

8 Gloria Is From Musa

The lost kingdom of Musa is a country that is now no more. It used to protect the world with the power of the crystals. Unfortunately, they were stolen three years before when the game’s story takes place by the Holograd Empire.

Although Musa went up in flames from the attack, the country’s princess, Gloria, escaped. She managed to get out safely with the Wind Crystal as well as Sir Sloan.

7 Gloria Is On A Mission

After her homeland was obliterated, Gloria set out to make things right. She vows to restore the crystals that were stolen from Musa and put them back in their rightful place; doing so also secures the Night’s Nexus back in its sealed state.

This is the main driving force behind Gloria’s story, one that she pursues throughout the game and leads to her becoming a Hero of Light.

6 Gloria Is A White Mage

While Gloria can change into any job — just like Seth, Elvis, and Adelle — she seems to prefer being a White Mage. Early on in the game, the player sees a vignette of Gloria where she is featured with the White Mage asterisk. This outfit shows off her royal prowess best too.

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However, Gloria will perform the best as a Red Mage/White Mage. She maintains her position as the main healer of the team with this pairing while also being able to chain spells together to save ridiculous amounts of MP that otherwise would be drained. If the player wants to make Gloria go down a completely different path, she also shines as a  Hunter/Freelancer. This option works if the player does not need much healing on their team. Gloria is able to inflict high amounts of damage bows via this pair of jobs.

5 Gloria Saved Seth

The game’s story unfolds with Gloria finding Seth (unconscious) washed up on a beach near Halcyonia. It was the light from Gloria’s Wind Crystal that guided her here. With the help of Sir Sloan, Gloria brings Seth to the city nearby to heal.

Later on in the game, it is revealed that the Wind Crystal itself was responsible for reviving Seth after his shipwreck. So, in a way, Gloria saved Seth’s life.

4 Gloria Is Tough

When it comes to fighting, Gloria has no problem throwing her hat into the ring. The player finds out at some point in the game that she used to train with the soldiers of Musa. In fact, the soldiers were scared to go toe to toe with Gloria. She was known to be the toughest of them all.

Gloria even mentions that she feels she has to be ready to battle and defend her own life if the situation ever presented itself.

3 Gloria Exiled Orpheus

Before Orpheus became Orpheus, one of the first bosses in the game, he was the court minstrel for Musa. The kingdom, of which Gloria is the princess, fired him and kicked him out. He was caught trying to siphon Gloria’s family’s riches.

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It is not hard to understand why Orpheus hates Gloria. He is fueled by rage over being terminated and going homeless.

2 Gloria Dies (Sort Of)

Towards the end of the game, the player may choose a not-so-pleasant ending. When Seth, Elvis, Adelle, and Gloria face Edna, there is the option to fight her. If the party chooses to take on Edna, she will awaken the Night’s Nexus and unleash hell upon everyone.

The only way to save the world at this point is for Gloria to sacrifice herself to seal the Night’s Nexus away (once again). Fortunately for the player, after the credits roll following this calamity, the game may be booted up again and it is revealed that what happened was merely a vision the book foretold.

1 Gloria Is Voiced By Charlotte Ritchie

The voice actor for Gloria is Charlotte Ritchie, who is a member of the British supergroup All Angels. She is most notably known for her roles as Alison in Ghosts (2019), Oregon in Fresh Meat (2011), Hannah in Siblings (2014), and Barbara Gilbert in Call the Midwife (2012). She was also an extra in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

Ritchie’s only other video game credit is 2014’s Dreamfall Chapters, so Bravely Default II is her biggest role in the industry.

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