Borderlands Movie: Every Major Character That Has Been Cast So Far (& Who Will Portray Them)

Borderlands fans are eagerly waiting for the upcoming movie based on the game, that has been announced in 2015. Although not much is known about the production, the series offers a lot of potential characters to be added to the movie. So far, only seven actors and actresses have been cast, but even if fans can’t see their favourite personality on the list, chances are, that they’ll be added shortly.

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A lot of main characters have been confirmed to be added to the film, but still, a few pillars in the game are yet unannounced, like Mordecai, Brick, Amara, Zer0, and Zane. Players can’t know for sure who will be cast to join the movie, but so far, it’s turning out to be an all-star cast, including Jack Black, Cate Blanchett, Kevin Hart, and many others.

7 Cate Blanchett – Lilith

Australia has been generous to Hollywood, producing some fabulous actors like Margot Robbie, Hugh Jackman, Simon Baker, and much more. One of the most famous Australian actress, the fabulous and talented Cate Blanchett will be taking on the role of the fan-favourite siren, Lilith.

As a woman blessed with unbelievable power, this is the perfect role for Blanchett. First a playable character, Lilith became a story-character in later games. This meant deepening her story, and fans were not disappointed. In fact, she became one of the most popular characters in the games. To perfectly embody this fierce character, Blanchett must become a headstrong, powerful leader, and there’s no doubt that she’ll crush the role and make it her own.

6 Jack Black – Claptrap

Beloved actor, musician, and comedian, the ever so colourful Jack Black is also a cast member in the upcoming Borderlands movie. Playing none other, than CL4P-TP general-purpose robot, Claptrap. Jack Black is a household name, and a family favourite because of his fun-loving humorous nature.

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His character, Claptrap has the most snarky and humorous quotes in the game, and this witty character is perfect for comedian Jack Black. Voicing everyone’s favourite panda Po, Black is no stranger when it comes to voice-acting, and he’ll definitely be the perfect match for fan-favourite Claptrap.

5 Florian Munteanu – Krieg

Krieg the Psycho is a playable character in the games, and he is able to turn into a psychotic killer. He’s a high risk, high reward character, and he’s going to be portrayed by Florian Munteanu, a Romanian heavyweight boxer.

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Munteanu was a fitness model next to his boxing career, and apart from the 2018 Creed II movie, hasn’t been involved in cinema. Until now, as he’s been cast in Borderlands to portray the behemoth, Krieg. Although physically he’s the perfect candidate, fans are curious to see his acting skills come through to really bring this character to life.

4 Kevin Hart – Roland

Another Hollywood favourite, Kevin Hart will be joining the Borderlands cast embodying the soldier, Roland. He’s a major character in the games, as a hardened veteran soldier. Although Hart is mostly known for his comedic personality, he’ll hopefully embody the gravitas of such a character.

Kevin Hart has very few, in fact, no deep, serious dramatic roles. But considering his amazing work ethic and commitment, if he were to put his humour aside and tap into a more dramatic role, he’d be sure to pull it off. For what it’s worth, his presence alone will be welcome by fans regardless of his performance.

3 Jamie Lee Curtis – Tannis

Proving once again, that the producers of Borderlands are shooting for the stars when it comes to casting, they introduced “Scream Queen” Jamie Lee Curtis as the cherry on top. She will be portraying Dr Patricia Tannis, a pivotal story-character in the games.

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Tannis, the scientist and archaeologist plays an essential part in the main goal of the characters and returns in each game. The director of the movie, Eli Roth said, that working with Curtis is one of his lifelong dreams. And her presence will surely be a dream come true for fans as well.

2 Ariana Greenblatt – Tiny Tina

The 13-year-old Ariana Greenblatt started her career just five years ago and is already known for four movies, including Avengers: Infinity War, and A Bad Moms Christmas. She also a promising candidate in Dancing with the Stars, placing at an impressive second place.

She will be playing the role of the teenage explosives expert, Tiny Tina. Fans who know this character know that she is a tough one to portray, but if Greenblatt can pull it off, she’ll no doubt jump-start her already promising career.

1 Haley Bennett

Haley Bennett is an up and coming actress with a striking presence and huge talent. Although she’s officially a part of the Borderlands movie cast, creators have not yet announced what role she will be playing.

It’s told, that she will be portraying a new, unknown role, and will have connections to Blanchett’s Lilith character. Whether this is an entirely new character not even in the games, or just an unannounced game character, is still unknown to fans.

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