Borderlands 3: 10 Things You Didn't Know About Troy Calypso

Troy Calypso is one of the two primary antagonists of Borderlands 3. Love him or hate him, he’s a complex character with plenty of reasons to be an aggravating childish cult leader. He’s the twin brother to Tyreen Calypso, a siren, and shares her power with her twin brother throughout the game.

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In other words, he’s very much the weaker Calypso twin and takes the meaning of “parasite” to new levels both figuratively and literally when it comes to their relationship. Interestingly enough, he’s usually the brains of the operation though – he constantly suggests that Tyreen should kill their enemies to get them out of the way instead of taunting and torturing them for views, for example.

10 He’s The Only Male Siren — Ever

Troy Calypso is, canonically, the only male in the universe to ever have access to siren abilities. This was a controversial part of the storyline and development of the Calypso Twins in Borderlands 3, as the series had all but certified that Sirens could only be Female.

Controversy aside, his powers technically come from his twin sister Tyreen, who lends him some of her abilities when needed. He becomes his own siren later on in the story, though.

9 Troy Calypso and Aurelia Once Were An Item

Romance between major characters in the Borderlands franchise is a very common sight – Jenny Springs and Athena get married, Krieg is infatuated with Maya, and Troy Calypso and the frosty sister of Sir Hammerlock Aurelia briefly had a thing together.

Perhaps they were brought together by the fact that they are both not as famous as their siblings. Players can find the ECHO log that mentions their relationship on Eden-6.

8 Troy and Tyreen Were Attached At Birth…

Troy and Tyreen Calypso are twins, but more than that, they were attached to each other at birth. Tyreen even jokes that their father had to rip troy off of her, because of his parasitic nature. As a result of this, one of his arms appears shorter in-game and he is able to leech Siren abilities from his twin.

Nothing in-game confirms that they were attached at the side, but the lack of scars anywhere else on his body (and a smaller Siren wing on one side) indicates that this is indeed where they were connected as babies.

7 …And Troy cannot Survive Without Tyreen

Tyreen was the dominant twin in the womb and continues to be the dominant twin in Borderlands 3. Tyreen makes the decisions, has the powers, and only keeps Troy around because he needs her. In order to stay relevant and prevent weakness from taking over his body, Troy needs Tyreen’s power.

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Later on, Troy becomes a Siren in his own right and starts to break free from his twin’s control. Nevertheless, he plays a submissive role to his Twin for much of the story.

6 Typhon DeLeon, The First Vault Hunter, Is His Dad

Later in the game, the player comes across Typhon DeLeon, otherwise known as The First Vault Hunter. His ECHO logs are found all over the game, and his interactions with the player indicate that Typhon DeLeon and Leda DeLeon are the Calypso twins’ parents.

The twins were born on Nekrotafeyo, the Eridian homeworld, conjoined. Typhon DeLeon is a bit of a character, so having him as a dad screwed them up just a little bit.

5 His Unstable Childhood Made Troy Sadistic

Troy and Tyreen’s childhood is shrouded in mystery and unreliable retellings of events from both Typhon and the Calypso Twins themselves. Each remembers events differently, with Typhon claiming he did what he did for their protection, while the twins describe their childhood as “caged”.

Either way, it’s undeniable that their childhood on another planet was less than ideal, whether Typhon or the Twins are more accurate in their recollection.

4 He Breaks The Fourth Wall For The Pre-Order Bonus

The Borderlands franchise is no stranger to breaking the fourth wall – the New-U station quotes are perhaps the best example of this throughout the franchise. In Borderlands 3, Troy Calypso breaks the fourth wall after clearing the Eden-6 vault.

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Troy appears on-screen up in Sanctuary wearing a psycho mask. He rallies up hype for the Carnivora festival for his cult followers, and says “Cool masks, right? Pre-order bonus.”

3 Troy Calypso’s Name Is A Reference To Greek Mythology

The name Calypso is a direct reference to the character from Homer’s The Odyssey, in which a sea nymph called Calypso captured Odysseus for seven years. Odysseus eventually escaped, but not before Calypso fell deeply in love with the epic’s main character.

This was likely the name that the twins chose for themselves in Borderlands 3 because the myth is about being captured and eventually escaping from someone who claims to love. If anything else, it’s a new way to think about their relationship with Typhon.

2 Troy Has A Higher Chance To Drop “The Back Ham”

The Back Ham is a legendary shield that can drop from any source in the game, but is especially likely to drop from the Troy Calypso boss fight. It’s a decent legendary that reduces all damage from behind by 56% and reflects 40% of all projectiles from all angles.

It’s not a bad shield at all, and the flavor text implies that this shield was used by Typhon DeLeon at some point in the past.

1 His Voice Actor Also Played One Punch Man

The voice actor for Troy Calypso, Max Mittleman, is well-known in the Anime and gaming community for his contributions to various well-known works. He plays Saitama in One Punch Man (the title character) Harry Osborn in the Disney XD version of Spider-Man, and has had roles in World of WarcraftBugsnax, and Spyro Reignited.

Max Mittleman continues to take roles all across the industry and did a fantastic job bringing Troy Calypso to life in Borderlands 3 too. While the game received a fair amount of criticism, none was directed towards the vocal cast.

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