Black Ops Cold War: 10 Best Upgrades That Players Can Spend Aether Shards On In Zombies

With the new Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War zombies mode out and plunged for information, some players are still getting used to the new mechanics. The new zombies mode is better than ever before with players being able to start with whatever weapon they choose and getting access to field abilities that can freeze, electrocute, and even catch enemies on fire.

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Among these new changes is the ability to upgrade the player’s gear. Players can upgrade weapons, field abilities, and even perks. Each of these upgrades is great for players, but players need to pick and choose which ones to get first.


10 Speed Cola

Speed Cola used to be one of those perks that everyone would run for first. Why not? It increased reload speed and that was something everyone needed. The return of zombies brought the return of those amazing perk, but now it gets a few upgrades. The tier one upgrade makes swapping weapons faster, but that isn’t where it shines. The tier two upgrade makes a player’s field upgrades charge faster and the third tier upgrade increases a player’s reload speed by a larger amount. This is one upgrade path players should think about first.


9 Elemental Pop

Elemental Pop is new to the scene of zombies but a new favorite among fans. This new perk applies base ammo mods to all the bullets that a player fires. It’s like the old Pack-A-Punch machine and the abilities are very similar. This perk has some amazing upgrades to go along with it. The tier one perk applies ammo mod damage to player equipment. This means grenades get a chance to apply ammo mods to enemies. The tier two upgrade increases the rate at which the ammo mods can be applied. The tier three upgrade makes it add the upgraded versions of the ammo mods to a player’s weapon as long as they upgraded them.


8 Shotguns

Like other zombies games, shotguns pack a punch (pun intended). These weapons are some of the best in the game, but they can always be made better. Players should invest in the shotgun field upgrade sooner rather than later if shotguns are their style. The first upgrade increases close quarter damage, but since it’s a shotgun it will be close quarters most of the time. The second upgrade increases critical hit damage and the last one increases armor penetration. These guns are able to heavily damage anything a player targets.


7 Quick Revive

Everyone remembers Quick Revive from the previous Call of Duty games. It was the perk everyone wanted to grab when playing single player since it allowed players to come back to life. Outside of that, it allows players to revive others quicker.

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In the new zombies mode, Quick Revive works in the same way, but now it can be upgraded. The upgrade path for Quick Revive allows players to crawl faster while downed, regenerate health faster, and even get health for reviving friends.


6  Dead Wire

Dead Wire is one of the ammo mods that players can get from the Pack-A-Punch machine or the Elemental Pop perk. At base, Dead Wire deals electric damage to normal enemies and can stun them for two seconds. Upgraded, this ammo mod is so much better. To start, the first tier makes the affected zombie generate an electric field and stun nearby enemies. The second upgrade increases the stun duration to four seconds. The third upgrade doubles the electric field damage.


5 Aether Shroud

One of the new additions to the zombies mode is skills that players can use in a pinch. Among these new skills is Aether Shroud. It stands out as one of the best because it acts like the old Zombie Blood pickup. It hides players from sight for a few seconds so they can get some breathing room when they feel overwhelmed. The upgrades for this ability make it so weapons automatically get reloaded, it lasts longer, and even teleports the player forward. Each of these upgrades helps make this amazing ability even better, but it isn’t the only skill players can use.


4 Light Machine Guns

Light Machine Guns are another option players should think about when choosing their upgrades. Like shotguns, these guns pack a heavy punch and can kill zombies extremely fast. They also have the bonus of having tons of ammo tucked away inside their clips. Upgrading the LMGs in the game gives players better armor penetration, critical damage, and more attachment slots. Attachment slots are a powerful upgrade for any weapon class, but LMGs can utilize those extra attachments to get more firepower and more ammo. A little faster run speed doesn’t hurt either.


3 Ring Of Fire

Another skill that stands out among the rest is the Ring of Fire. This skill is easily the best for dealing damage, especially to bosses. This skill creates a ring of fire that hurts enemies that step inside and boosts the damage of players. This damage boost can normally help the players make quick work of any boss enemies that are lingering around, but upgrading it is where this skill truly shines.

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The first upgrade doubles the burn effect and the second blocks enemy projectiles. The third upgrade is by far the best because it makes it so the player draws ammo from their stock instead of their clip. This can easily help the players take out enemy after enemy without even needing to move.


2 Healing Aura

The final skill for this list is Healing Aura, but it is worth mentioning as one of the best skills when playing with a team. The base version of this skill summons a healing beam down on the player and all allies that heals everyone to full health. The first upgrade for it continues the healing effect for an additional ten seconds. The second upgrade knocks down nearby enemies and stuns elite enemies. The last upgrade makes this skill even better by making it so it can revive downed allies. If there was ever a skill to use in a pinch, this would be it.


1  Juggernog

Juggernog still stands as the most essential perk in any zombies match. This lifesaving perk increases the number of hits a player can take before going down. It is often the first grabbed perk for that very reason. With the return of Juggernog, there are now some great upgrades to make it better than ever. The first tier upgrade decreases the duration of status effects. Tier two increases the amount of armor received from pickups and tier three increases the player’s maximum health by an additional one hundred points. All of these upgrades are essential for survival.


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