Black Ops: 10 Things Call Of Duty Fans Never Knew About Frank Woods

Frank Woods is a familiar face to fans of Call of Duty. He has appeared in every Black Ops game – either in person or referenced in documents. Despite him being one of the faces of the series, there might be parts about his life that are unknown. Reading intel or talking to him in Cold War will reveal more about him.

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With the inclusion of segments between missions in Cold War, players are able to hear Woods’ perspective about events he’s been through. Besides talking to him, some eagle-eyed players might also notice some bits about him through his tattoos.

10 Had A Tough Childhood

For somebody like Woods, it should be expected he had a tough childhood. Promotional material reveals that Woods was born in Philadelphia in 1930. He ran away from home at a young age and lived on the streets. From a young age, Woods had to learn to be independent.

He joined the marines at some point and served in the Korean War by the time he was 20. From there, the CIA noticed him and recruited him. Woods then became an agent, serving for about 30 years.

9 Is A Master Sergeant

For anyone wondering what rank Woods is, they can look to his tattoos. On his right arm is the rank of a marine master sergeant. This can best be seen in the missions ‘S.O.G.’ in Black Ops and ‘Pyrrhic Victory’ in Black Ops II.

It would seem this is the rank Woods was during the Korean War, as his rank becomes Agent when he joins the CIA. It might not be too noticeable, but it gives a nice look at Woods’ past.

8 Referenced In Nuketown

With the amount of action going on in Nuketown, players might not stop to notice details. Looking at the mailboxes will reveal some familiar names. In front of the yellow house, the name Woods will be seen.

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The house across the street will also have the name Mason on it, referring to Alex Mason. It is a nice thought to think the two friends retired and moved to houses close together. Of course, fans know this is far from what happens.

7 Tattoo Changes Look

Players might look at Woods’ tattoos once and never look again. One of these tattoos is a wolf howling with the numbers ‘115’ above it. This is a reference to the zombies mode, referring to Element 115. The element led to the creation of zombie, making it odd Woods has it tattooed on him.

Woods must have thought the same thing, as it is changed to ‘SOG TOUGH’ in later missions. The tattoo will say 115 until the mission ‘The Defector’. Oddly enough, it changes back to the 115 tattoo in the mission ‘Payback’.

6 Escaped From Vietnamese Prison

Near the end of the first Black Ops, Woods is seemingly killed. Kravchenko activates a grenade belt and Woods dives through a window, with the player seeing an explosion. Both Woods and Kravchenko survive, but Woods is captured and sent to Hanoi Hilton.

Woods was moved to another prison camp, being one of the last 17 prisoners alive. He started to plan an escape, gaining his freedom in 1972. Despite four years of captivity, Woods returns to combat again.

5 Can Be Killed In Cold War

Cold War offers different endings for players to complete. In one, ‘Bell’ can call Perseus and set up an ambush for the CIA. Perseus and a group of Soviet soldiers will attack the player’s former allies. This means the player will also have to fight them.

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When a named character is killed, the camera will follow the bullet into the character’s head. If Woods is the only one left, players can hear him yell out in anger about his friends being killed. For anyone who doesn’t like Woods, this must be a dream come true.

4 Becomes Oldest Call of Duty Character

With how long Woods has been a soldier, it might come as a surprise he retires. Not exactly his idea to be fair – Raul Menendez shoots his knees and cripples him. Woods is found in Black Ops II at the age of 95, living in a CIA retirement home called The Vault.

With everything that happens to Woods – being captured, wounded, smoking, and much more – it is a bit surprising Woods lives for so long. Odder things have happened, but this makes Woods the oldest character to appear in a Call of Duty game.

3 Becomes Avenged Sevenfold’s Drummer

As if the last entry wasn’t surprising, Woods can be seen as the drummer for Avenged Sevenfold. This appears in a non-canon ending, playing during Black Ops II’s credits. The gamer’s antagonist, Raul Menendez, also appears as a new member of the band. It seems the two put aside their differences for some music.

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Woods will stand up from his wheelchair, revealing he could walk the entire time. He will then go on to be the drummer for the band, playing the song Carry On. While it might not be canon, it wouldn’t be surprising if it was real giving Woods’ history.

2 Revived As An Archetype

In Black Ops IV, set in the 2040s, Woods is successfully brought back to life. He takes on his appearance during the Vietnam War and is called an Archetype. While not much is known about Archetypes, there is a good chance they were actually brought back to life.

Other people brought back as Archetypes include Alex Mason, Viktor Reznov, and Raul Menendez. The experiment was led by a scientist named Savannah Meyer, the granddaughter of Alex Mason. If they truly are reborn, it seems Woods gets to live just a little bit longer.

1 Begins Relationship With Mason’s Granddaughter

Depending on who you ask, starting a relationship with a best friend’s family member is frowned upon. This does not matter to Woods, who begins a relationship with Alex Mason’s granddaughter, Savannah Meyer, who is the person who brought them back to life.

Woods also helps Savannah instruct the specialists while they are in combat. As if the relationship was not odd enough, Savannah refers to Woods as Uncle Frank in intel.

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