Biomutant's Most Exciting Feature Isn't Getting Enough Attention

The upcoming Biomutant has garnered a lot of attention lately, after undergoing a long period of silence as Experiment 101 refrained from releasing any updates. Now that the silence has been broken by a release date announcement for May, the ball has been set in motion for more and more of the game to come to light.

Although the gameplay has shown a significant chunk of the gameplay systems that would be featured in Biomutant, some are getting arguably more attention than others. However, it could be the Karma and Buddy systems in the game, which haven’t received a whole lot of attention, are the things that differentiate the game from its inspirations, like Breath of the Wild.

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The Karma system weighs the actions that the players take over the course of the game to create context-specific stories. This could range from additional or locked out dialogue choices in certain quests to relationships with merchants, and so on. Biomutant‘s Karma system will be integral to the experience as the actions and choices of the player will feed directly into deciding the fate of the world.

The Karma system, symbolized by a Yin-Yang symbol, will have a dedicated meter that will constantly shift as players make the integral choices. From what’s known, most of the changes will occur in the non-linear structure like Zelda as players decide which factions to side with and what fate to dole out to the others. Since Biomutant‘s main quest will be linear, it isn’t entirely sure how this system would impact the story. However, the developer has said that multiple endings will be featured in the game, so it could play a vital role in the matter.

Biomutant also features what looks to be a well-realized tribe system. The game is touted to have 6 different tribes, and players will have to side with one tribe in the beginning. Following that, the player will take on missions that would make them the tribe’s champion. Once the player becomes a tribe’s champion, they will get access to the tribe’s special combat moves, the Wung-Fu style, and a special weapon. In addition to this, new merchants will be made accessible that will sell new gear.

As players capture enemy tribal outposts, they can lead the charge on a full-blown assault to either wipe the tribe off or convince them to join the player, as seen in games like Middle Earth: Shadow of War. This decision is said to have an impact on the Karma and the end-game, but it’s not known how similar it is to the recently patented Nemesis System. Regardless of how it turns out, many players are already delighted at the prospect of making friendships with cute furry animals to accompany them in their travels.

Just like the Buddies, the bosses that players will encounter in the game can also be killed or spared, in addition to the central Tree of Life. Perhaps, these could be the most pivotal elements for the game’s endings, which players can dive into on Biomutant’s release date hopefully sometime soon.

Biomutant is set to release on May 25th, 2021, for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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