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Developers of the highly-anticipated open world action game Biomutant reveal the reasons for their silence. Despite plans to release Biomutant this upcoming May 25, developers Experiment 101 have been flying under the radar.

In many ways, the game looks to be breaking the mold in comparison to other open RPGS. From the description, players will be enjoying martial arts style combat, shooting, and mutating abilities. All while playing as a fuzzy and customizable animal protagonist. With so many promises made in the lead up to release, the developers chose to primarily focus on the game.

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However, Stefan Ljungqvist, head of the studio, has come out explaining the ongoing silence. As a small team of only 20 people, taking on an ambitious experience like Biomutant requires dedication to the process. Ljungqvist asserts the team’s desire to stay small, but with that comes some restrictions when working on a massive game. To make sure that all the moving parts are functioning correctly on launch, the developers have been spending their days removing bugs.

Experiment 101 chose to keep the game under wraps this past year so the final product could meet the expectations of gamers. That said, there have been some other aspects of the process demanding time from the team. Ljungqvist discusses the script, which grew from 85,000 words to 250,000. This evolution pushed the developers to improve gameplay details of Biomutant to match the dialogue. Some of these include a karma system, a stronger tutorial, and even 13 different languages.

Though Experiment 101 is a small team, hype for Biomutant is growing all the time. Players are eager to see what is waiting in the unique world and customize their character. With so many games being grounded in relatively familiar settings or groups, the change of pace here is enticing. It sounds like Ljungqvist and his team are well of aware of what can happen if a game releases with game breaking bugs. At the end of the day, many players will appreciate the recent silence if it means a quality product.

Of course, this is taking the word of the studio head. Occasionally, keeping a game out of the public eye can be an alarming sign. There is a chance that the experience is still fairly glitchy or unpolished, preventing the team from wanting to show it off. As a very small group of developers, there is a high likelihood that certain issues will slip through the cracks. Though, Ljungqvist is realistic and suggests that the team’s goal is to prevent disruptive problems, not every single small bug. Nevertheless, fans will just be waiting a few more months to find out if Biomutant lives up to these promises.

Biomutant launches May 25 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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Source: IGN