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The Big Bang Theory‘s Penny Hofstadter, played by actress Kaley Cuoco, is iconic for her bright and upbeat style. A central factor of the show’s story is that Penny is the “hot girl next door” that eventually falls for her shy, nerdy neighbor. The blonde served fierce and chic looks throughout her appearances on the show, while also showing off a cutesy and comfy side.

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Though Penny can be admired for her style on most occasions, there are 10 times that her outfit was just too good not to be inspired by it. Grab your wallet because you’re going to want to get to shopping after seeing these admirable looks from The Big Bang Theory.

10 Red Pantsuit (S12 E17)

Penny definitely knows how to look professional so she can be taken seriously in her career. This is clearly depicted when she throws on her gorgeous deep red pantsuit with a white collared blouse and soft wavy hair. She exudes confidence, intelligence, and power in that outfit!

The lanyard with security pass definitely completes the “time to get down to business” look. As the show progressed, Penny upped her blazer game, and this is proof of that.

9 Pink Finale Dress & Blazer (S12 E24)

The finale of The Big Bang Theory definitely left fans feeling complete, but also sad that the gang’s journey was coming to a close. Penny once again proved her ability to look stunning in a blazer, with this bright pink one she paired with a matching mid-thigh length sleek dress.

Penny’s wavy locks, black flats, and pinky makeup complete the look, along with her briefcase that screams “businesswoman.” Whether ready for an important meeting or meeting with clients, Penny is always looking precisely put together.

8 Christmas Outfit (S07 E11)

While Christmas sweaters tend to be overly tacky and ugly, Penny’s Christmas look in season 7 is totally chic and adorable. Her sweater boasts the typical Christmas color of bright red but still looks modern and sleek with the black stripes.

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Penny’s hat is what really steals the spotlight in this look, being crocheted and having two puffballs on the ends. Why go traditional with only one when you can have two? With a bright green bow placed on her head, Penny looks like a present deserving of the best spot under the Christmas tree.

7 Tomboy Outfit (S02 E15)

Is there any type of look this woman can’t pull off? Her casual, tomboy-ish outfit from season 2 proves Penny can go for a more relaxed, masculine look, and still look better than anyone. Her oversized dark sweater is totally comfy cute and her backward cap with her hair pulled up is so iconic.

Whether she’s putting on a fancy outfit for a night out or just hanging out in a chunky sweater with Leonard on her couch, Penny always looks incredible.

6 Anything Paired With Space Buns

Penny’s hair definitely sees some major changes throughout the many seasons of The Big Bang Theory, with drastic haircuts and various lengths and textures. When her hair is longer, she can do so many different hairstyles that really complete a look.

Penny has put her hair up in tons of different styles, from ponytails to buns, however, a simple space bun look is truly the cutest way she styles her hair. Her blonde highlights really pop when she twists two quirky buns on the top of her head. A simple top and pants are all that she needs when wearing space buns since her hair is the showstopper.

5 Collared Office Dress (S10 E02)

Arguably the best look Penny has in the show, this stylish collared black dress and maroon blazer outfit is stunning. Her hair is so perfectly styled and matches well with her neutral-toned makeup and freshly polished nails.

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The dress is a perfect representation of Penny’s girly yet professional style when she’s working. She looks approachable yet knowledgeable. This is definitely a staple outfit that any business person should have in their closet.

4 Wonder Woman (S04 E11)

Penny was less than thrilled to be a part of the Justice League with her boyfriend and the Big Bang Theory gang, however, she was the group’s showstopper. She made a good call in not wanting to put on the cheap black Wonder Woman wig that came with the outfit because she looks superb without it.

Unlike the boys, Penny didn’t need fake muscles for her costume since she already looked in peak shape. Of the Halloween costumes the character wears throughout the 12 seasons, this one takes the cake.

3 First Wedding Dress (S09 E01)

When Leonard and Penny take the plunge and get married for the first time, Penny goes for a non-traditional wedding dress that is pink and black, rather than pure white. Her veil makes it clear that she is, in fact, a bride getting married and not just a fashionable beauty going out on the town.

The pink and white bouquet tops off the romantic look, and she looks stunning next to her suit-wearing husband. Her second wedding dress is sensational too, actually being all white, but this one is just too dreamy to not mention.

2 Floral Dress (S12 E04)

Penny’s style by the last season of The Big Bang Theory is so on point, it’s difficult to narrow the outfits down. This one is definitely one of the top looks. Penny is the queen at business-casual looks, and this proves that.

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Penny’s fluffy blonde hair pulled up into a bouncy ponytail with a pastel pink scrunch tops off a fun, colorful collared outfit. The floral dress is flattering, eye-catching, and youthful, just like Penny herself. She looks more mature and grown without losing her bubbly, trendy taste.

1 Red Lace Dress with Short Hair (S08 E11)

When Penny cut her hair, fans either loved or hated it. Once her hair is grown out, some characters in the group admit that they didn’t really like the chop, but she really knew how to rock it when she had it.

Short pixie cuts look fantastic with lace dresses, and this red dress is no exception. Penny’s feathery blonde locks look great paired with this red lace dress that would not look out of place at a Great Gatsby party. Honestly, Leonard doesn’t deserve her.

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