Bethesda Posts Retrospect Video Among Microsoft Purchase Becoming Official

xbox bethesda acquisition

Last year came the announcement that Microsoft was planning to purchase Bethesda, making it the first instance of a platform holder outright buying a major third party developer. There are still a lot of details that haven’t been made explicitly clear, but either way, the sale is now official and Bethesda is part of Microsoft. Today the studio released something of a sendoff to their old selves.

In a video called “Here’s to the Journey,” we see the beginnings of the company and its growth into a major third party publisher that housed several key studios and franchises such as id Software, DOOM and the Fallout series to name just a few. It ends with looking to their new home at Microsoft with an overall optimistic tone.

There’s rumors that some event centered around the acquisition, potentially something on March 11th, but as of now nothing has been officially announced one way or another.