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Fans are desperate for every little bit of information they can get about Dragon Age 4 to feed their need for the next highly-anticipated title in the series. One of the things Dragon Age fans are very much aware of is that Solas will indeed be making a return, and he is seemingly set to be the main antagonist.

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While everyone waits to see what their past companion is getting up to now that he’s no longer hiding the fact that he’s the Dread Wolf, there are plenty of fan-made memes to keep the community entertained in the meantime.

10 More Ross than Geralt

While playing through Dragon Age: Inquisition, players are often regaled with tales of the Dread Wolf and he is certainly conveyed as being a fearsome and powerful god, so much so that both sets of the old gods respected him.

However, when players discover that Solas is in fact the Dread Wolf, he’s a little underwhelming, much like Ross in leather pants when compared to the rather awesome Geralt of Rivia. Of course, it stands to reason that Solas had to look unassuming so that the plot twist of his true identity truly surprised players.

9 Talk About a Glow Up

Following on with the theme of Solas looking a little basic throughout the main game, fans were surprised to see that in the Trespasser DLC he had apparently found his sense of fashion and was sporting a rather impressive set of armor, which was definitely more befitting of his role of the Dread Wolf.

This glow-up definitely emphasized the change in character for Solas, as he’s no longer one of the Inquisitor’s companions — he is Fen’Harel, the Dread Wolf, and he is prepared to fight in order to achieve his goals.

8 The Real Questions You Wanted to Ask

Speaking of meeting up with Solas in the Trespasser DLC, there were plenty of questions that players wanted to ask but didn’t get the chance and this meme illustrates that point perfectly. Noticeably, the new shiny armor most definitely did not go unnoticed.

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For those who had romanced Solas through their Inquisition playthrough, there were some bitter feelings considering this was his first time contacting the Inquisitor in two years. Admittedly, Solas does save the Inquisitor’s life, but a letter would have been nice too.

7 Harder to Open Than a Jam Jar

This hilarious art meme by championsandheroes is especially funny, as it likens the Orb of Destruction to something like a jam jar that just can’t be open, so someone stronger has to do it. In this case, Corypheus.

Solas explains to Mythal (in Flemeth’s body) that he was too weak after his long slumber to open the orb himself and unlock its true power, and so had allowed it to fall into the hands of Corypheus for him to open. Solas believed that the ancient Darkspawn would be destroyed in unlocking the orb and that Solas would then be able to reclaim it for himself. Of course, that didn’t happen.

6 The Lie we All Bought

Hindsight is a brilliant thing. While it’s safe to say that most, if not all, players didn’t see it coming that Solas was in fact the Dread Wolf himself, there were definitely many clues that Inquisitors could have picked up on while looking back.

One of the clues is Solas’s vast knowledge of the past, encompassing all the way back to the ancient elves and even obscure details that most wouldn’t think were recorded anywhere. Of course, Solas’s excuse for knowing all these things is that he learned them in the Fade.

5 The Dread Wolf Knows

Continuing the idea of clues about Solas’s true identity throughout Inquisition, there is a conversation that players can have with him where he asks the Inquisitor about risking everything for a better future and states “What if it isn’t? What if you wake up to find that the future you shaped is worse than what was?

This is a major clue to him being the Dread Wolf, as this is exactly what happened to him. He thought he was making the world a better place, but it didn’t go to plan. This meme cleverly points out his momentary lapse where he shows his true colors.

4 The Worst God

This Pirates of the Caribbean meme mash-up is perfect, as the Dread Wolf was also known as the “Lord of Tricksters” and “Bringer of Nightmares”, and is infamous for quite a few misdeeds including tricking/betraying both the Creators and the Forgotten Ones and sealing them away in the heavens and the abyss respectively.

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And that’s not even getting started on what he’s been up to since he woke up, causing havoc by giving his the Orb of Destruction to Corypheus and causing the breach.

3 That Ending Though

The end of Dragon Age: Inquisition graced players with a touching scene where Flemeth, who is actually Mythal, speaks to Solas and expresses her disappointment over the events that unfolded because of his actions and poor choices. Solas seemingly admits his faults by expressing that he should eventually be punished.

This meme by thecopperkidd that mixes this ending moment of the game with the well-known moment from Hell’s Kitchen with Gordon’s Ramsay is pure genius, as the scene does exude the same kind of energy where Flemeth is telling Solas off.

2 Lord Fen’quaad

By the end of Inquisition‘s Trespasser DLC, Solas makes it very clear that he is committed to restoring the elven people to what they once were, regardless of the effect this will have on the people of Thedas.

His original plan that went awry, was to tear down the veil by using the anchor, causing the world to burn and kill everyone so that he could then restore the world from his past, which belonged to the elves. Solas definitely seems to be channeling his inner Lord Farquaad in that respect.

1 Stating the Obvious

Bioware’s 2018 Game Awards teaser trailer for Dragon Age 4 teased Solas’s reappearance in the forthcoming title and had him saying “So, you have found me at last. I suspect you have questions“, echoing the conversation he has with the Inquisitor in the Trespasser DLC.

It was kind of strange that the supposedly rather intellectual elf was stating the obvious, perhaps it is purposefully done to be mocking. Of course, players have questions, a whole bunch of them, and they just hope that they have those questions answered in the next game.

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