Battlefield 6 Could Have Natural Disasters That Destroy the Maps

The new Battlefield game has yet to be officially revealed, but that hasn’t stopped information on it from trickling online. A lot of the Battlefield news comes from leaker Twitter user Tom Henderson, who is better known for leaking Call of Duty news in the past, and the latest claim, if true, could prove to be a major change for the long-running franchise’s online multiplayer component.

In some recent tweets, Henderson teased that the new Battlefield game will have natural disasters. He included images of a tornado, flood, and volcanic eruption, suggesting that these specific natural disasters may be included in the game. Henderson insisted that this was not an April Fools’ joke, and that the natural disasters in the new Battlefield game will be powerful enough to destroy buildings.

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The new Battlefield‘s destructible environments is something that Henderson has mentioned in the past. If Henderson is to be believed, the new Battlefield game will be leveraging the power of the next-generation consoles to deliver a level of destruction not seen in the series before. Apparently, this will include the ability to complete level entire cities in the game’s multiplayer maps, though fans should take this information with a grain of salt for now.

While Henderson has been reliable in the past, it’s always possible that their information is incorrect or that they are making things up. There is no evidence to back up Henderson’s claims. That being said, fans should find out sooner rather than later if Henderson is telling the truth about the new Battlefield game. Evidently, the Battlefield 6 reveal could take place as early as this coming May, so fans may learn a lot about the game in just a month’s time.

Besides teasing entirely destructible environments and natural disasters, Henderson has also compared the new Battlefield to Black Ops 2, saying that it will have a near-future setting that allows the developers to include military equipment that’s currently in development. Furthermore, Henderson has said that Battlefield 6 will go by the simple title of Battlefield instead of sticking to the number system.

Again, fans will find out soon enough if there’s any truth behind the latest Battlefield leaks. But one thing is clear, and that is EA and DICE do plan on releasing a new Battlefield game later this year, and so fans of the FPS franchise have that to look forward to at the very least.

Battlefield is in development for unspecified platforms.

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