Batman: Arkham Knight Could Be Getting Xbox Series X/S Enhancements

batman arkham knight

Later this year, we’ll get Gotham Knights, a co-op focused game that will see you take on the crime-riddle streets of Gotham with many of Batman’s allies. But if you’re craving some Batman before all that, there’s always the acclaimed Arkham series. The original three Rocksteady-developed games are available on most platforms, and now it seems at least one of them could be getting an overdue enhancement.

In a new blog post from Microsoft highlighting upcoming UI updates, you’ll notice an icon for Arkham Knight. Now what’s important here is that the icon does not just have the Game Pass logo, as it is currently on the service, but a logo for Xbox Series X/S enhancement as well. If you log on to your Xbox right now, you’ll see that isn’t there. It could very well be a mistake, but it certainly is an odd one.

The original release ran at 900p/30 FPS for the Xbox One and that has carried over to both the Xbox One X and Series X/S without any enhancements. Could the time be soon for Xbox owners to get a boost for the last entry in Rocksteady’s Batman saga? It certainly wouldn’t be the first time the game got an update seemingly out of nowhere, so only time will tell.