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Everyone loves a good “Whodunnit?,” evidenced by the fact that several major forms of media now contain a solvable mystery based on scant evidence. The crime in question can range from murder to, in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla‘s case, treason.

In the “Old Wounds” quest, players are tasked with sussing out a traitor in Rollo’s camp, with the choice boiling down to two survivors of a brutal Saxon attack. It’s a necessary step in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla‘s “A Breviary of Broken Hearts,” the quest line based around the Essexe region, so it won’t require much effort to find the quest.

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Here’s who the traitor is in “Old Wounds,” and how to figure it out.

Once a player arrives at the camp with Eivor, they will be tasked with figuring out who the traitor is. Two suspects– Lork and Gerhild– will be available for questioning. Approach either Lork and Gerhild and interact, and after each gives an introductory spiel, questions will be available to ask.

Both will say that they were hunting when the camp was attacked, and Lork will say that he heard Gerhild yell, which brought him back from hunting. Lork will also say that he saw Gerhild with a Saxon, that she’s filled with spite and ambition, and that he had a blood oath to Rollo’s father. Players learn throughout the game that blood oaths are incredibly important to the Danes.

Gerhild will say that she is Rollo’s “shield-sister,” meaning that she is very close to him, though she will reveal that she spites Estrid for having a relationship with Rollo, and she’s worried that he’s straying away from their people’s “true path.” She will also say that Lork is old and frail, and will accuse him of being jealous.

After the questioning, players will be able to investigate the area for further clues. Using Odin Vision will highlight areas of interest with a teal circle, and objects that are important to the investigation will be outlined in the same color.

Throughout the investigation, a player will find a fully stocked meat rack, which suggests that both Lork and Gerhild were lying about hunting for rabbits. Just to the right of the meat rack will be another piece of evidence, a thicket of bushes in which someone could have feasibly hidden during the Saxon attack.

After finding these pieces of evidence, the player can once more question Lork and Gerhild. Lork will admit that he was lying about hunting, and that he was sleeping in the woods and then hid when the attack began. Gerhild will claim that the Saxon that she was with is a covert lover.

Once all evidence has been gathered, players can then approach Rollo, who will give a bit of additional information about both suspects. He will say that Rollo had constantly disapproved of his dalliance with Estrid, making her a hypocrite for taking a secret lover. He will also say that she was never much of a hunter, and she was always a bad shot with a bow.

All of this evidence should lead the player to pick Gerhild, who has several inconsistencies in her story. Gerhild is the correct choice, and Rolle will dispatch her with a hammer to the head.

It is possible to make the wrong choice, picking Lork to be executed. It will have a bearing on the story down the line, as Gerhild will try to prevent Estrid from leaving England. At the end of the quest line, when the soldiers start shooting at Estrid as she runs for the player’s Longboat, Gerhild will grab her, causing her to get hit in the side by an arrow. Though Estrid is injured, she does survive, and she’s able to make it back to France.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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