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Grettir’s Saga said “there is a time for everything” and what better time is there than now to play Assasin’s Creed ValhallaIt’s one of the best RPGs to come out in 2020 and has tons of content and quests for players wanting to explore its Viking world.

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A Brother’s Keeper is among the many quests in the game and it ends with a particularly difficult boss fight. Players will have to fight Basim, but no amount of brute force will take him down — he doesn’t even have a health bar. Players need to take specific actions to take him down or else the fight will go on indefinitely.

The beginning of the battle is almost more of a survival section than an actual fight. Players will need to dodge Basim’s attacks while trying to deal damage as much as possible, even without a health bar in place. These attacks can do a lot of damage, but Basim is still limited in his options.

  • Dash Attack: A fast dashing attack. There is no point in parrying — it does nothing special and dodging is easier.
  • Platform Leap: Especially at the beginning of the fight, Basim will stalk the players from a high platform. This can be a great time to deal some damage with a bow and arrow, but make sure to be prepared to dodge when he dives down. Players will be pinned to the ground if they fail.
  • Smoke Bomb: When Basim starts to get a bit more desperate, he’ll drop a smoke bomb and attempt to attack the player. All it takes is getting out of the smoke to make his attempts futile.

After players finally manage to deal enough damage, a cutscene will play. This leads to the next phase of the fight.

From here, a platform will begin to raise. Players will need to keep parrying and dodging Basim’s attacks, still needing to put on the damage. Eventually, players will be given the opportunity to stun Basim with an attack. Almost every attack manages to work to stun him once the platform stops moving. Players then must land one more blow to start the cutscene that transitions into the next section of the fight.

During this phase, players will have to chase after Basim while managing lots of parkour-like movements. There are lots of food sources along the way that players can stop to pick up to help replenish their health.

Once they get to the final area and catch up to Basim, players will have to manage one last fight to finish off this boss battle. This part of the fight is easy, see Basim’s glowing hand? Hit it with a well-placed arrow. Once he’s stunned, hit him with one last final stun attack to trigger the final cutscene that ends the battle.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is currently available for PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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