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As far as actors in video games go, Ashly Burch has pretty much become a household name. Even if players don’t follow game actors closely, there’s a good chance she’s been in at least one game they’ve heard of or even played. She’s been acting for video games since 2012, and she’s stacked up quite a roster of iconic roles while doing so.

Burch has featured in both AAA hits like The Last of Us Part 2 and indie games like TowerFall. Though she has an expansive roster, there are a few characters she’s played that are more well-known than others. These characters are well-loved in the hearts of fans, but can also make for some pretty cool cosplays as well. These characters are discussed below (mentioned in alphabetical order by character’s first name).

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Players first meet Aloy in Horizon Zero Dawn, but will get to know her even better in the upcoming sequel Horizon Forbidden West. Aloy is intelligent and a skilled warrior, which serves her well as she navigates her surroundings in Horizon Zero Dawn. Her weapons of choice are her bow and arrows, and spear, but she’s also got a few gadgets that help players during combat as well. Though Horizon Forbidden West is set to release sometime this year, players can always go back and replay the original game to get reacquainted with Aloy in all her glory.

Chloe Price is one of Burch’s most heart-wrenching characters. The blue-haired punk of Life is Strange and main protagonist of Life is Strange: Before the Storm, Chloe Price is a popular cosplay choice and undeniable fan favorite, though Burch only played her in the original game and Before the Storm‘s bonus episode “Farewell.” She’s tough on the outside, but players realize she’s softer than she lets on. Chloe had a hard life, from the loss of her father to the disappearance of her best friend Rachel Amber, and couldn’t seem to catch a break. The choices players make in Life is Strange will determine what happens to Chloe at the end of the game.

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The Unreliable’s darling engineer Parvati Holcomb stole the hearts of many players in Obsidian Entertainment’s The Outer Worlds. Parvati isn’t a romanceable Companion in the game but she does have a side quest that, when completed correctly, lands her a girlfriend aboard the Groundbreaker. Parvati is also asexual and bisexual, but the game doesn’t mock her for it or depict her in a negative way—in fact, its honest, empathetic writing is probably what led to The Outer Worlds winning a GLAAD Media Award for Outstanding Video Game.

Tiny Tina first debuts in Borderlands 2, and eventually she drops the “tiny,” becoming just Tina in Borderlands 3. Like Chloe Price, Tina had a pretty rough way in life. Instead of dyeing her hair blue, though, she became obsessed with murder and stuffed animals. She vowed revenge against the one who killed her parents, and players will remember her getting it full-force in Borderlands 2. The role of Tiny Tina was written with Burch in mind, as her brother Anthony Burch was a lead writer for the Borderlands sequel. He encouraged her to try out and she eventually secured the role.

Ashly Burch’s acting talents can be found in a ton of different video games and animated series, in both main roles and side characters. Players can look forward to seeing Aloy again when Horizon Forbidden West releases later this year, or they can always replay some of the other games featuring these iconic characters.

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