Ark Survival Evolved: Every Mountain, Ranked By Resource Potential

The island in Ark Survival Evolved has a myriad of different types of regions and terrains. The most valuable resources are either found near water, or on mountains. These mountains are not a great place to settle because of the lack of flat places, but it’s good to have them around the base when need be. They also make great hunting places, as a lot of exotic dinos can be found in places people rarely go, like on top of steep mountains.

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There are six mountains on the map of the game, and all have different advantages. To explore all of them, one by one, and compare, takes way too much valuable time. Once a player has spawned, they rarely go much further to build their first base. However, knowing which mountain holds the best resources could help in making that decision quickly. Or when going off to explore, deciding on a direction will be much more efficient.

6 Ice Wyrm’s Belly

Starting off with a bang is one of the giants on the map, Whitesky Peak. This frosty behemoth houses the most resources on the entire map. What players can find in this spot is almost the equivalent of all the other resources on the island. Having heard this, most people would think this is the mecca for all bases, but the fact that it’s in the snow biome makes this tricky. On the very top of this snowy giant is Ice Wyrm’s Belly. This mountain houses nearly all crystals found on the map, but because of the location can only be approached by flying.

Settling down on snowy areas is a struggle. The character would have to change clothes all the time, going from the cold to the hot weather, and most dinos can’t be kept here in the long run. Harvesting all this mountain has to offer will require frequent commuting. Despite not being able to keep up a steady lifestyle in the snowy mountains, it’s great for hunting the snow biome creatures like the mammoth, the Direwolf, or the Purlovia. Players who want to start the game with a strategic attitude will most likely settle down next to this mountain.

5 Frozen Fang

Frozen Fang is found on the tip of Winter’s Mouth mountain, which holds the most metal, but not much else. This is a much smaller mountain than Whitesky Peak, and it’s very steep, so it’s best to approach on bird-back.

However, very useful dinos can be found on the slopes, like Daeodons. They most often wander in packs, and when they do, it’s better to not provoke them, because they’re known for their aggression, devouring anything and everything in sight. Once a Daeodon is found alone, they’re much more hostile, and taming one could be a great asset to players. Wooly Rhinos and Sabertooth Tigers can also be found on this mountain, so if someone’s looking for an exciting place to hunt, this would be a great choice.

4 The Belly Of The Beast

The Belly of the Beast is a volcano in the Grand Hills. This is the best place for resources in warmer areas. It has a lot to offer from metal to river rocks and obsidian. A lot of Raptors and Pulmonoscorpius are found here, making this one of the more dangerous regions on the map.

While it’s great for resources, because of the dangers of the dinos living here as well as the volcano, it’s not a recommended place to settle. Players should look for a suitable location to settle in nearby though, as this mountain range is a great place for resources.

3 The Red Peak

The Redwood region is one of the best places to settle and harvest on the entire map. The Red Peak is home to a lot of metal and river rocks, and at the foot of the mountain is the Redwood Forest, great for building a base and hunting. It’s also a great place to find Eagles to tame.

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The downside to this mountain is that it’s more secluded than the rest, so if a player settles down here, it’s a long way to the other mountains if they need other resources. This place is highly recommended for starting out, but players often tend to build a few other bases elsewhere to cover the more valuable parts of the map.

2 Frozen Tooth

With a misleading name, the Frozen Tooth mountain is not in the snow biome, though very close. It’s rich in obsidian and metal, and near the top, has extremely high quantities of crystal as well. Settling here is very tricky because it’s very steep. Not only is building here a struggle but just climbing it can be life-threatening. Dinos like the Hyaenodon and the Kentrosaurus can be found here, as well as other valuable creatures.

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As it’s very close to The Grand Hills and Winter’s Mouth, the most recommended strategy for players is settling between the three mountains, therefore being in throwing distance from all the best resources on the map.

1 Far’s Peak

Far’s Peak is the smallest and most secluded mountain on the island. Though not too far from Frozen Tooth, it’s still a hassle having to travel every time a player is in need of more resources. It’s a great place for a first base, with a lot of valuable dinos in the area, and good places to build. Because of the close proximity to Carnivore Island, Far’s Peak offers a bunch of valuable dinos like the Procoptodon, and the Royal Griffin. Another upside to this mountain is that it’s surrounded by water on all sides by rivers, and the sea.

Overall, while it does offer a decent amount of metal and is a great hunting spot, for the vagabonds out there, it’s not the best place to be settling down, as it does cut off a few important areas on the map.

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