Apple iOS Update Adds PS5 and Xbox Series X Controller Support

Apple’s upcoming iOS 14.5 update will allow users to connect their iPhone to the PS5’s DualSense controller and the Xbox Series X/S controller. Apple’s iPads will also support the feature.

Since the rise of mobile multiplayer games like Fortnite and Call of Duty: Mobile, players have desired a more tactile way to play games on their devices rather than using the iPhone’s touch screen. The iOS 13 update that released in fall 2019 gave many players what they wanted by supporting connectivity for the PS4 DualShock controller and the Xbox One controller. After connecting, players could use their favored controller to play any game that supports external controllers on their iPhone.

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The iOS 14.5 update is already available to members of the beta testing program, and will launch to the public later this month. After downloading the new update, players will be able to sync their devices by setting their DualSense or Xbox controller to paring mode and selecting it in the “other devices” tab in the Bluetooth section of the Settings App. The controllers will function the same as the PS4 and Xbox One controllers, meaning the next-generation features such as the DualSense’s touchpad will not work for mobile games.

The upcoming update will offer a number of other updates, of course. Most notably, it will make it easier for users to open their phone without having to take off their face mask, if they have an Apple Watch. The feature is called “Unlock with Apple Watch,” and allows iPhones to use an unlocked and authenticated Apple Watch as a secondary verification method. The feature requires the matching Apple Watch to run on watchOS 7.4.

The update will also include the long-awaited App Tracking Transparency feature, which requires app developers to request a user’s permission to enable ad tracking across other apps. This makes it more difficult for companies like Facebook to gather data on their users, though it does not ban it. There are several other new features, including dual-sim 5G support, Apple card family support, and Airplay 2 for Fitness.

While Fortnite may have been banned from the App Store, there are still plenty of online games that players would prefer to have a controller for. Call of Duty: Mobile receives new content every few weeks and will soon launch Season 1 and a new Battle Royal Mode. PUBG Mobile still attracts millions of users and is currently in Season 10. There are also several single player classics that have controller support, including GTA: San Andreas, Minecraft, and Knights of the Old Republic.

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Source: Charlie Intel