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Apex Legends is a battle royale game with unique class-based gameplay and a constant rotation of three maps that change up the gameplay between seasons. While every legend in Apex Legends is balanced pretty well (even after Caustic’s recent NOX gas nerf) there are some that just perform better on certain maps. While King’s Canyon is a pretty open map, and World’s Edge is a good blend of indoor and outdoor areas, Olympus falls somewhere in-between.

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Olympus is a gigantic map with lots of dense areas of buildings spread out across the map. Between these dense areas are wide-open spaces, which makes use of the Olympus-only Trident vehicles a must for any player who wants to traverse the terrain quickly. Legends who can take advantage of the densely packed loot areas or who can effectively navigate the lush terrain thrive on Olympus, as well as champions who work effectively at middle-to-long distances.

5 Horizon

It’s sort of fitting that Horizon is one of the best legends on Olympus as the map and the legend were both introduced right at the same time. Horizon is a legend whose tactical ability Gravity Lift is just as perfect for navigating the wide-open areas as it is for getting up to heights that dot the map. Her ultimate Black Hole is perfect for indoor situations and offers a lot of synergy with other legend’s ultimates.

Some locations in Olympus that offer Horizon’s tactical the chance to thrive include the Grow Towers (which can be ascended quickly), and The Estates (which gives her a height advantage). It can be used in any situation where getting the whole team to a better vantage point is a priority, which happens a lot on Olympus. Her passive Spacewalk ability is handy but doesn’t provide any huge bonus to her prowess in combat situations.

4 Loba

The density of loot on Olympus makes it one of Loba’s best maps. While King’s Canyon has loot scattered all over the place, Olympus’ loot is usually centered within its various locales, with few supply bins available for players between major locations. Her ultimate ability Black Market lets her pull as much ammo as she wants and up to two items from the nearby area. It’s an ultimate with a short recharge time, and Olympus has many locations where gold items are practically guaranteed.

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Loba’s tactical Burglar’s Best Friend lets her teleport to hard-to-reach areas by throwing her bracelet. This bracelet takes time to land, so it’s not an instant escape, but more importantly, it can be used to trick enemies who don’t see where the bracelet lands. Her passive ability Eye for Quality reveals epic and legendary loot through walls and chests – this allows Loba to guide the team away from useless addons and towards legendaries very effectively.

3 Lifeline

Lifeline is an all-around great legend who provides much utility to any squad composition she is part of. On Olympus, though, the chance of being third-squadded while calling down her ultimate feels much smaller, though her passive and tactical Healing DOC Drone are as useful as on any map. Lifeline’s passive lets her revive teammates without pausing a fight, and the player is shielded while they are being revived.

The healing DOC drone is a bit mediocre compared to some other tactical abilities in the game; it’s outclassed by a handful of syringes or a single medkit, after all. However, her ability to passively revive teammates is perhaps the most useful passives in the game, and her Lifeline Package ultimate can be used pretty freely in the open areas of the map.

2 Fuse

Having debuted in Season 8, Fuse is the most recent legend added to Apex Legends and he more than packs a punch. On Olympus, legends who have a good ability to catch opponents unawares and who can effectively fight at mid-range thrive. Fuse’s Knuckle Cluster tactical ability recharges quickly and can do massive damage to multiple enemies with good aim. His passive Grenadier lets him carry twice as many grenades as a normal legend – and he can throw them faster and more accurately too.

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Fuse’s ultimate Motherlode ability, like Horizon’s Black Hole, is very synergistic with other legends’ ultimates. It’s effective as both a way to wall off an area and catch enemies in the ring of fire to take massive damage. Olympus is a great map for Fuse because of its dense urban areas where being able to zone enemies is a huge factor in team fights.

1 Bloodhound

Bloodhound is an all-around great legend who beats out Crypto on Olympus for its lack of verticality and more focus on flat-area fights. On a map like World’s Edge having the height and sight advantage is a huge deal, but on Olympus being able to see what’s ahead of the team is more important than what’s below or above. Bloodhound’s tactical Eye Of The Allfather reveals enemies and traps in front of Bloodhound for a very long distance and can be used while running or in combat.

Bloodhound’s ability to see enemy tracks is a huge boost in Olympus too, as the wide-open spaces often force teams to come out of hiding and trek across open land. Bloodhound can see exactly where enemy teams left and can help the team decide to avoid or engage in situations. Bloodhound’s ultimate lets them move faster, see their enemies in red, and use their tactical much more often over the duration – it’s handy, but the highlight is Bloodhound’s command of the information game.

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