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While Apex Legends fans got some bad news about Ranked Duos this weekend, there’s still the upcoming port to the Nintendo Switch for them to look forward to. To that end, it appears the install size for that version of the game has officially been divulged.

News about the Apex Legends Switch port has been coming rather quickly after a long period of no information at all about the battle royale. At the very end of January, one developer teased they would be sharing info in the near future. True to that promise, the development team announced the official release date of March 9 not long after they launched Season 8. While Respawn didn’t make an official announcement as to how much space players will need to free up on the Switch, the Nintendo eShop appeared to divulge that tidbit.

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On the Apex Legends official Switch page, the game file size is listed as 30 GB. That number is right in line with the game size of the title on its other platforms, though there is some variety in just how much space a player is going to need depending on if they’re playing on the PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One or Xbox Series X/S. However, if that is indeed the final download size for the launch version of Apex Legends, it is quite a bit bigger than the game it’s often compared to. Battle Royale shooter Fortnite only carries an install size of 11.5 GB on Switch.

Nintendo Life pointed out there did seem to be some confusion over the size when comparing the UK Nintendo page to the United States’ version. On the UK page, the install size for Apex Legends showed just 15.2 GB. However, it appears the game has been taken down entirely from that store, and the install size could have been a mistake.

Players who are looking to grab the game in March when it launches on the Nintendo Switch can celebrate the release while also making sure they have enough room to install should they like. Respawned teamed up with Western Digital on a 128 GB Apex Legends themed MicroSD card.

When the game does launch on the Switch this spring, players will get to jump into the recently launched Season 8 of Apex Legends. They also won’t need to worry about any kind of limited player base, as the title will fully support cross-platform play. Switch users will also be able to boost 30 free levels and will get access to double XP for the first few weeks.

Apex Legends is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. The Switch version will launch on March 9 and a mobile port is in development.

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Source: Nintendo eShop, Nintendo Life