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When Apex Legends Season 6 legend Rampart was revealed, players were excited for a character with unique abilities. However, Rampart’s introduction to Apex Legends was plagued by bugs and difficulties using her abilities. Even after these were corrected, Rampart remains one of the least-picked characters in the game. Her Amped Cover ability and Sheila ultimate may provide great zoning, but many players still go with other situational legends.

The reason Rampart ranks so low in Apex Legends may be due to her abilities only being effective in certain situations like holding down an area, whereas other legends like Caustic and Wattson have excellent zoning abilities as well, but also have other quality abilities. Caustic’s passive granting vision on gassed enemies and Wattson’s passive shield regeneration and instant ultimate after using Ultimate Accelerants make both more viable picks for many situations.

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However, one fan may have come up with a simple buff to Rampart that could make her a more enticing selection. Currently, Rampart’s passive ability Modded Loader gives her 15 percent bigger magazines and 25 percent faster reload times on LMGs and the Minigun. However, since LMGs already have slow reload times and a limited selection of them are available, her passive ability is not as powerful as many of the other legends. One fan’s proposed buff would add to her passive ability and make replicators a little more interesting. The proposed buff would give Rampart an extra tab on replicators that would allow her to craft LMGs and hop-ups.

The buff would certainly make her passive ability more useful, since Devotions, L-Stars, and Spitfires can be hard to find, including finding the right hop-up for them. With an extra tab on replicators just for Rampart, her style of gameplay could shift to prioritizing finding replicator material early to acquire a powerful gun and hop-up without the trouble of looting half of the game.

Given Rampart’s history of being a weapons crafter, the added ability would make sense for her character. Other fans chimed into the proposed buff, adding other potential buffs like granting her extra materials, or faster replicator crafting times. Each buff seems like it would make Rampart a more viable pick, but any buff would most likely come at the start of Season 9 at this point.

The latest patch for Apex Legends has addressed a number of bugs including the annoying audio bug for the new Heat Shields. The Ring Fury LTM has added some twists for gameplay during the Caustic Town Takeover, and players can finally jump into the action without this audio bug causing issues. The Chaos Theory event is still going on with about a week left to enjoy the LTM and collect its cosmetics.

Apex Legends is available now on PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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